Since early 2016, Huntsman is proud to be the first Savile Row to take up a permanent residence in New York, to better serve the needs of our much valued American clients.
 Make an appointment now for a fitting, browsing cloth samples, discussing sartorial issues or picking up a few of our selected ready to wear pieces.

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Appartment 7A, 130 West 57th, corner of West 57th Street and 6th Avenue, looking toward Carnegie Hall, a location conveniently within easy distance from our clients Uptown and Midtown, but also Downtown too. It’s position aside, this new pied-à-terre appealed to us thanks to its unique character and story – qualities which we felt made it the perfect place in which to create Huntsman’s first home from home. Originally built in 1907 to incorporate studio spaces for artists and to house the district’s practising avant-garde, the building represents a rather unique example of Art Nouveau architecture and ideas at work. To quote the artist V.V. Sewell in a letter dated to 1903, “people have no conception of how difficult it is for one to find a suitable studio in New York,” – this building, for many, was the solution.

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Apartment 7A has been restored to its former glory, in keeping with the discreet British luxury that Huntsman is known for. Visits can be made by appointment only, creating a welcoming haven exclusively for guests; a sartorial home away from home for those in the know, which intends to transport the old-English glamour of our Savile Row shop into the hustle and bustle of the Big Apple.

Upon opening the door, one is suddenly transported to London : the walls are covered in iconic Huntsman house tweeds, as in the bespoke clubroom in No.11. The pied-à-terre is accented with a wealth of original Huntsman archive material and memorabilia, offering but a small splash of sartorial inspiration for prospective clients. From photographs recording some of Huntsman’s great and good, with a particular nod to our most iconic American clients – Bill Blass, Gregory Peck and Katharine Hepburn for example – to old archival advertisements and the patterns of some other legendary customers (including Ronald Reagan and Lucian Freud), the history and identity of our English house is recreated in totally authentic fashion.
 The antique furniture adds comfort to the experience, an eclectic mix of an Ado Chale table, an Eileen Grey screen, Royere desk with Huntsman tweed footstool and Warren McArthur chairs salvaged from the Chrysler building dining room, and a large black Chesterfield sofa to browse those precious Huntsman cloths.

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To house those precious bespoke or made-to-measure garments waiting for fittings or for collection in West 57th Street, the Huntsman team has sourced an original mahogany panelled steamer trunk wardrobe. As the name suggests, these extraordinary antiques made by Compactor on London’s Upper Berkeley Street, a stones-throw from the Savile Row shop, were historically used to house a gentleman’s tailored wardrobe during the 6 week long transatlantic ferry crossings of years gone by. Indeed, the trunk that now take residence in our New York home echo those which Huntsman teams crossing the pond to fit American clients used to transport fitting garments, basted and finished orders throughout the twentieth century. A subtle homage to those previous generations of Huntsman craftsmen who crossed the ocean to visit American clients at home, and who helped to develop the relationships that we are so proud to have with our US-based customers today.

Naturally, our cutting benches and workrooms will remain in-house on Savile Row, as is traditional, but this new space provides ample new opportunities for our cutters and client managers to either visit or play host to US based clients more frequently.

In between visits from our London-based cutters, clients will be able to take refuge from the world and relax with a drink and newspaper, browse through a substantial collection of tailoring cloths curated for the US by our Head Cutters, Dario and Campbell, or even undertake appointments for alterations and made-to-measure fittings. Our ready-to-wear collection designed by Co-Head Cutter and Creative Director Campbell Carey will also be on display and available to browse at customers’ convenience.

The experience at West 57th Street intends to be as accommodating and hospitable as possible, and to fully retain our prized sense of English, sartorial authenticity, so we sincerely hope to welcome as many of our American clients as would care to visit, very soon.

Please see our schedule for the East Coast and West Coast for visits from our Cutters.