A Huntsman for all occasions

Huntsman has a long tradition of dressing both gentlemen and ladies for every moment of their lives, advising on style, cut and design for each and every environment. Our cutters and client managers share here their experience of what makes a desirable and comfortable garment for various moments in a gentleman’s life.

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Sophisticated two and three piece suits for wearing into the office or about town are the backbone, or dare we say the black dress equivalent of the modern gentleman’s wardrobe. Whether you require a classically elegant navy chalkstripe suit, a staple grey flannel lounge suit, a double-breasted power suit for business meetings, or something a little more relaxed for informal dinners, we are perfectly positioned to work with our customers to design, cut and create tailored clothing which compliments their character and meet their requirements.
Whether a lounge suit for cocktail parties, the perfect suit for a wedding or the ideal suit for the boardroom or Inns of Court, we have an extensive range of cloths and sartorial knowledge to ensure that you are perfectly dressed for every occasion.

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The majority of our customers opt for our signature single breasted, one button house style, as most find their elegance suitably enhanced , yet we routinely cut double- breasted or two-button suits too and can advise on whether a particular cut will flatter or suit one’s figure or the suit’s purpose. Our aim is to exceed expectations, no matter how particular or demanding a commission.


Huntsman has a long history of cutting clothing for riding, shooting and country pursuits, as well as casual wear such as sports jackets, blazers and weekend trousers. We are recognised for our skill in matching tweed checks perfectly across the body, a practiced art enhanced still further with our own house designs. We carry a vast selection of country cloths from cavalry twill to corduroy and from Donegal to Dashing Tweeds. We can offer customers full shooting looks; from jackets and vests complete with gun pleats, patch and bellows pockets, through to shooting breeches and matching caps. We know what looks good and works well at the same time.

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Alternatively, for some relaxed weekend separates, we have a carefully curated collection of less formal fabrics; moleskins, soft woollen jacketings, trouserings, contemporary tweeds and flannels – perfect for creating informal, easy-to-wear tailoring for the everyday, which nonetheless reflects the house’s remarkable attention to quality and iconic Huntsman look.


Whether a Morning suit for Royal Ascot and weddings, dinner jackets for gala events or White Tie for a royal banquet or a certain “tiara” ball, our cutting and sales team can advise and cater to all manner of formal wear requests. Co-Head Cutter, Dario Carnera, thrives on the intricacies of producing traditional close fitting body coats for morning suits and tailcoats and is also a strong advocate for the beauty and tradition of tartan trews . The last couple of years have seen a resurgence in midnight blue dinner suits and velvet smoking jackets, two revivals that are particularly sophisticated and timelessly elegant. Celebrating the return of the smoking jacket, we have recently reintroduced a selection of truly superior silk velvets into our swatch books, offering clients a selection of unique fabrics to create truly discerning, contemporary evening wear. Whether you opt for single or double breasted, shawl or peak lapel, frogging or plain fronted, velvets offer an unparalleled depth of colour and lustre that are hard to surpass in the evening wear stakes.

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The beauty of a truly great suit, is in the way that it can be tailored to fulfil any possible purpose that you might have in mind – when it has been designed and constructed in the right way, using the right cloth. Getting this right is a Huntsman specialism; thanks to the expertise of our team, we are able to create clothes suited to any particular climate or part of the world. Whether it be a week’s long holiday in Marrakech during the height of summer, or an autumnal business trip to New York, we have the knowledge and skill to craft just the right garment for the job.

For a tropical holiday abroad for instance, we may suggest making-up a lightweight half-lined single-breasted suit in a pale colour, cut in a tropical-weight open weave travel cloth or fresco. For a more moderate spring look to suit the London season, a Solaro suit might be just the ticket or perhaps lightweight cotton seersucker separates. Alternatively, a rich royal blue mesh-jacketing and cream trouser combination might be required for a jaunt down to the Riviera. Whatever is required, we aim to have clients leave for their travels perfectly equipped in clothes which are comfortable, practical and which, naturally, are suitably styled for the occasion.

At the other end of the spectrum, we have a wealth of experience in creating tailored clothing which can best defend our customers from the elements; heavy thornproof tweeds, naturally water-resistant overcoatings, warming woollen flannels and high- twist worsteds can all be brought to bear on the freezing winds and torrential downpours of even the harshest of winters.
Our team are there to advise, and to point customers towards the right solutions for their wardrobe at any given time.

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We are fortunate to also have a great tradition of dressing the most discerning stars of stage and screen, a tradition we are proud to maintain today. From Rudolph Valentino and Marlene Dietrich to Hugh Bonneville and Nicole Kidman, we are uniquely placed to create dynamic, luxurious bespoke clothing for the Red Carpet, film, television and for those clients who wish to make a particular statement with their tailoring.

No matter what the request, our craftsmen take great pride in their work and will liaise closely with clients to design and realise the precise vision they have for their tailored clothing.