Bespoke Linings

The ultimate refinement for some of our most sophisticated clients is the creation of a bespoke lining, often rather surprisingly on the eccentric or flamboyant side. Combined with a luxurious cloth, it creates a discreet yet powerful personalisation. Stewart Granger was one of our first clienst for whom we created mohair coats lined with Hermes silk, a tradition continuing to this day with a recent brown cord jacket, and summer Loro Piana check.

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Magritte print lining


Hermes silk lining

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Francis Bacon print lining

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Martin Luther King’s favourite psalm inside David Oyelowo’s jacket for the Golden Globes

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Hermes silk lining

Using the most refined silk printing workshop, we create our own silk prints, for instance to reproduce a client’s favourite Francis Bacon art piece, featuring inside a full length camel coat, or Magritte ’s iconic surrealist imagery inside a black tie jacket.

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Embroidery is an art we celebrate at Huntsman, from the extraordinary peacocks featuring on the coat commissioned for David Bowie (see below), to a psalm beloved by Martin Luther King. reproduced word by word inside David Oyelowo’s jacket, proudly showing off at the Golden Globe celebrating his rendition of the King in Selma.

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