Classic Suitings

Each year, tradition dictates that we commission a classic, wardrobe essential house suiting to offer clients the opportunity to wear something with an exclusive ‘Huntsman’ feel, and to better serve the requirements of those customers who enjoy wearing particularly rare cloths. The chosen design will be conceived to hit all the right sartorial notes, lend itself to an elegant look and yet create a versatile business suit that carries some weight in the boardroom.

Our expert cutters and sales team have a strong input into these cloths, to ensure that they make-up beautifully and wear well on a day-to-day basis; wearability and durability are never overlooked. Indeed, Huntsman’s cloth selection lends itself to clothing that is often passed down the generations and we make a point of selecting fabrics with longevity mind. We often recreate old favourites in substantial weights, such as our famed 2011 flannel chalkstripes in grey and navy woven by Fox Bros, the 2012 Majesty – Jubilee spot cloth by Dormeuil, 2014 Grey spot/blue spot/brown spot cloths in a 11oz/330g worsted woven by Dugdale and the 2015 Stars and Stripes Navy blazering, woven by Dugdale, which was a special edition made for American customers, intended to offer a refined, sartorial take on the iconic American yacht club blazer, perfect for clients in need of a timeless, tasteful navy jacket.