Limited Edition Luxury Cloths

Huntsman offers customers the best luxury, yet practical cloths available in the world today. Many of our customers will be familiar with our commitment to sourcing beautifully smooth, sophisticated suitings that stand up to the stresses and tests of time. Our cloths are also adaptable to different occasions and climates and transcend short-term fashion trends. A Huntsman garment should be able to endure for generations! We work directly with mills and wool brokers to secure the finest fleeces at auction, ensuring that we can produce exclusive offerings to our discerning customers, all by limited edition.

Our luxury cloth initiative was launched in 2007 with our super 14.9 micron 1PP cloth series (a sell-out), and was followed three years later by Opus. Opus represented the finest wool to go to auction in Australia, and saw our bale of 11.9 micron 1PP fleece being woven to a luxurious super 230s quality and an even more luxurious 310g weight. Only 34 suit lengths were produced, woven into a staple navy twill and elegant herringbone. Today, only a few meters of the herringbone remain, proof of the fabric’s lasting appeal and our commitment to creating the finest suits.

Tengri - Khangai Noble Yarns

This extremely limited edition cloth is woven from Tengri’s rare Khangai Noble Yarns – Mongolian yak fibres that are as soft as cashmere, warmer than merino wool, breathable and hypoallergenic. An animal dating back 10,000 years, this ancient beast and its fibres have remained unexplored until today.
Mongolian yak roam semi-wild, often at high altitudes, and endure extreme summers and harsh winter conditions. As a result, their coats are a robust and unique natural material.
The rarity of Khangai Noble Yarns – on average, just 100 grammes of fibres can be hand-combed from each yak once a year – means this cloth is extremely limited in availability, with only 60 metres produced. The platinum colouring is one of the most premium taking 3-5 years of fibre collection to obtain a ream of fabric.
All Tengri yarns and fabrics are made with 100% natural and undyed Mongolian yak fibre sourced directly from cooperatives made up of more than 4,500 herder families living in and around Mongolia’s Khangai Mountains. The garments and yarns we offer embrace the unique qualities of this very special fibre – qualities often under-recognised in the global textile industry and of course, highly sustainable luxury.

2015 - Infinity 3 - probably the best wool in the world

Keen to take our luxury cloth initiative to another level, Huntsman in 2015 drew on its experience with Opus in launching Infinity 3, probably the best wool in the world to date. A collaboration with the Dormeuil mill, Infinity 3 marks the pinnacle of cloth production and the ultimate sartorial luxury. It is a masterpiece of weaving in the very noblest sense. This navy, diagonal self-stripe suiting derives from the purest traditions of New Zealand Saxon Merino farming and the cutting-edge expertise of Dormeuil’s woollen mill in Huddersfield, Yorkshire. With an average fineness of 12.6 microns, the finished cloth is remarkably lustrous and luxuriously soft, and it maintains a superior strength and elasticity for comfort. It has been woven to a super 230s quality and 240g/8oz weight. The resulting fabric is the equivalent of a fine Château Pétrus wine, limited in availability and exclusive to just 17 suit lengths. It fulfils Huntsman’s quest to create clothing of beauty and superior quality, where not only the skills of our tailors but the integrity of the cloths we work with are crucial to the house’s success.

2015 - The Peck Houndstooth

In 2015 Huntsman produced its first cashmere sports jacketing cloth in more than 60 years. A faithful reproduction of a heritage Johnstons of Elgin cloth, first woven in 1953, this black, navy and olive houndstooth came to our atten-tion during our famous Gregory Peck exhibition that took place in the summer of 2014. Of the 15 Gregory Peck outfits that were on display in the shop, the houndstooth sports coat made for the actor in 1962 was a favourite among cus-tomers, with multiple requests for the cloth and a similar coat. Keen to meet the requirements of our customers, and intrigued by the opportunity to work with the fabric’s original mill, we were thrilled with the results. The hound-stooth’s rich texture and the softness of the cashmere yarn creates a luxurious sports jacketing that transcends fashion and convention while remaining suita-bly distinguished and discreet. Its timeless quality and earthy colour palette give it the look of a wardrobe staple that is suited equally to city dinners and days out in the country. Furthermore, it offers customers the rare opportunity to connect with the clothing of one of Huntsman’s most notable sartorial icons.