Kingsman at Huntsman

Huntsman served as the inspiration for Matthew Vaughn’s blockbuster movie Kingsman: The Secret Service. During an appointment with his cutter, Vaughn, taken by the history on display at 11 Savile Row, imagined moving beyond the walls of the fitting room, with the legendary premises acting as a smokescreen for his team of spies, the Kingsmen.
Vaughn, who first visited our fitting rooms at 18 years of age, has a long relationship with Huntsman. Upon reaching that milestone age, his mother brought him in for his first bespoke outfit, urging her son to consider only Huntsman for proper suits! The experience made a lasting impression on Vaughn, and he has built an enduring sartorial rapport with the Huntsman team over the years. When Huntsman was acquired by Pierre Lagrange, executive producer of Vaughn’s movies since Stardust, the story of Kingsman at Huntsman gathered momentum and never looked back! Very alert viewers will recognise Huntsman’s Creative Director and Co-Head Cutter Campbell Carey in a cameo role in the movie’s tailoring rooms.

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The action-packed and hilarious spy caper plays tongue-in-cheek homage to other “secret service” films but stands head and shoulders above them in its close attention to sartorial elegance. James Bond may have cut a dash, but Colin Firth, in his role as dapper Harry Hart, and Taron Egerton, his protégé Eggsy, really up the ante in the style stakes.

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Viewers will recognise our shop front, iconic stags’ heads and fitting room, with its familiar wood panelling, coat hooks and three-ways mirror — now called the Kingsman fitting room. Become a Kingsman yourself and be transported by this iconic fitting room.

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