We will be taking appointments in these cities on the following dates. Full details, such as location, are available by clicking on your city of choice. We also visit clients in Saudi Arabia, Hanoi in Vietnam, and various European cities upon request. Please email us for any enquiries

Our Cutters will join you in

USA Asia
San Francisco: 16th – 17th January Singapore: 15th – 16th, 11th February
Los Angeles: 18th – 19th January Bangkok: 18th – 19th February
Dallas: 20th – 21st January Tokyo: 21st February
New York : 22nd – 25th January Seoul: 22nd – 23rd February
Hong Kong: 24th – 26th February
Guangzhuo: 27th February
Taipei: 1st – 2nd AM March
Chengdu: 3rd – 5th March
Shanghai: 6th – 8th March
Beijing: 9th – 12th March
Hanoi: 13th – 15th March

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