A Centenary at 11 Savile Row     |     Marc Newson’s Driving Coat

Marc Newson’s Driving Coat


This bespoke driving suit was created in 2016 especially for the historic Mille Miglia race. Commissioned by the prestigious industrial designer Marc Newson (designer of the Apple watch) . Marc requested for Campbell Carey, Creative Director of Huntsman, to design the suit to race his 1955 Ferrari 857 Sport in the historic Mille Miglia race.

The collaboration was sparked when Newson got a glimpse into Huntsman’s archives after he accompanied his wife to the Savile Row headquarters; the trailblazing stylist was being fitted for a bespoke Huntsman Tuxedo that she wore at year’s Met Gala. Noticing a vintage bespoke driving suit that Huntsman had made for a Paris to Beijing rally, Newson decided to commission one of his own.

Campbell Carey combined modern technical fabrics like durable Ventile (a tightly- woven, all-weather cotton) that’s tough and breathable, to ensure a comfortable driving experience. The suit also includes a removable tweed gilet, inspired by Huntsman’s vintage shooting waistcoats, a time tested garment ensuring comfort in demanding outdoor conditions. One of Carey’s main concerns was fashioning the suits to be adaptable to the specific requirements of driving a vintage car.  As handsome as they are to look at, vintage cars at Mille Miglia were manufactured at a time when today’s technical and advanced modifications, such as air conditioning and ergonomic seats, did not exist.

Newson worked directly with Campbell Carey, Huntsman’s creative director and head cutter, to design suits that evoked the race’s heyday. Taking cues from the 1950’s motor racing outfits that Newson was inspired by, each suit was designed with Huntsman’s vintage shooting waistcoats informing the construction.


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