The lush greenery, endless rolling hills, and precipitous moorlands known only to the Scottish border towns of Holland and Sherry come alive in these Sherry Tweed Sports Jackets.

A contemporary colour pallet cut in the Huntsman classic house block, these jackets are the ultimate tweed and effortlessly stylish pieces to fit in any gentleman’s wardrobe.

  • Womenswear has always held a special place in Huntsman’s sartorial narrative. Favoured by royalty, cultural icons and women at the forefront of industry, enterprise and the arts, the House reputation for dressing women should be recognised as iconic as that of their male counterparts.

    Which is why the House is excited to see Kendall Jenner wearing Huntsman on the cover of the second issue of Chaos Magazine as part of our womenswear story.

    Co-founder and CEO of Chaos, Charlotte Stockdale is a personal friend of the House and so it is with great esteem we feature. Charlotte and her co-founder Katie Lyall embody the dynamic entrepreneurship and raw talent which sees Chaos recognised globally as a leading luxury brand. Their skills and tenacity as women in business allied with the prestige of the latest cover star makes for a thrilling collaboration.

  • The Huntsman Sports Jacket is created from a soft blend of merino and shetland wool, offered in a contemporary colour pallet and classic house block, these jackets are the ultimate stylish piece to fit any gentleman’s wardrobe.

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