Bespoke Ladieswear

Women in suits have never looked better with Huntsman Bespoke

  • The Huntswoman Of Tomorrow Collection

    Luxury, longevity and versatility define this capsule bespoke collection for the contemporary woman.

    The Huntswoman Of Tomorrow offers a remedy to ‘fast-fashion’.  Designed in collaboration with Susan Bender Whitfield and Ethical Era. A sustainable solution for a wardrobe that evolves with you. Signature styles with countless possibilities. Impeccably tailored, created to last. 

  • Our Leading Ladies

    Huntsman has created bespoke women’s clothing for more than 150 years, and in this time has dressed some of the world’s most elegant, powerful and influential women.

    Among our leading ladies – no less than Queen Victoria, who had an incredible understanding of what a bespoke cut and fit could bring to the functionality and elegance of ladieswear.

    The high profile female commissions bring a delicious feminine twist to our famous men’s tailoring. Huntsman tailored women’s suits are cut to the body accentuating shape and enhancing lines to achieve a mystical union of comfort, glamour and style.

  • Cut To Fit

    Creating women’s bespoke tailoring begins with a conversation. Your dedicated Client Manager will spend time discussing your every sartorial requirement, to ensure bespoke perfection before you even step inside our fitting room. You’ll meet Magdalena, our dedicated Head Ladieswear Cutter, and choose your cloth, style details, and silhouette for your bespoke commission.

    In the fitting room, the bespoke process starts with your cutter taking up to 28 individual measurements and watching you move, how you hold yourself, and how you stand. Like an artist taking a view, making sure that two dimensions effortlessly convert back to three, your measurements are transferred to your paper pattern before being stuck out on your cloth and cut, by hand.

    In the workshop at 11 Savile Row as many as 80 hours are spent on your garment for tailored suits and separates with an unbeatable fit. 


  • Crafted By Hand

    In creating bespoke women’s clothing, there is a tailor for every type of garment. Skirt, trousers, waistcoat, jacket – each needs handling differently. Initially, our ladieswear is constructed from fabric cut into panels, roughly stitched, and – if a coat or jacket – lined with horsehair to see how it hangs. Then adjustments are made as it is carefully assembled again.

    The bespoke Kidman Tweed, cut as a trouser suit for Nicole Kidman at the Women In The World Conference

  • Spoilt For Choice

    Sumptuously soft cashmere wools, timeless dusky tweeds, summer-light hopsacks, and silky satin velvets. We have thousands of cloth samples to choose from, in colours that can illuminate, soften or enrich skin tones and weights and weaves that work for different seasons, climates and occurrences. 

    Whether you’re a working professional looking for brilliant businesswear and stand-out women’s suits for special occasions, from the boardroom to the ballroom and for every occasion we offer beautiful ladies couture garments.


  • All In The Details

    Not only are the clothes themselves are bespoke to women, but so is the process. Our ladieswear creation centers around you.

    Whatever your commission, from creating a standout tuxedo, to women’s workwear,  each follows the same practice. At the first fitting you will try on a garment that’s barely recognizable as such: buttonholes missing, interlinings visible, marked with chalk and stitchings. This fitting is for your cutter, looking at what’s working, how the cloth drapes on you, and where adjustments are necessary.

    At the next fitting your outfit takes shape, and small improvements may be all that’s required. Another booking will be made if needed. Your garment will then be finished, pressed, and only when you are totally satisfied, will your garment will then be delivered to you. Typically, our women’s tailored suits are complete around eight to ten weeks from your first visit.

    Lauren Hutton Enjoys the private luxury of a bespoke lining in her coat.

  • Always On Hand

    We see our bespoke ladieswear through from start to finish, and into the future too. One could argue we never finish caring for your clothes: we just had the privilege of refitting a Huntsman coat from 1925! We have stood by the principles of sustainable and slow-fashion long before the terms were coined. Our bespoke women’s clothing is an experience that starts on day one and accompanies you through the years. We are available for advice, as well as dry cleaning, repairs, and pressings.

    Women in suits have never looked better, and we make sure that your Huntsman creation retains its quality and character for a lifetime and beyond. 

  • For Ladies At The Peg

    Shooting is of course not a Gentleman only sport, which we create elegant and attractive shooting attire for ladies too Our Head Ladieswear Cutter Magdalena Handwerker reconciles form with function to create beautiful shapes and silhouettes in ladies bespoke shooting attire. Why not go for some trews or cigarette trousers to really stand out at the shooting lunch?

  • Meet Magdalena Handwerker, Head Ladieswear Cutter

    A pinnacle of the trade, as well as championing our ladieswear department, Magdalena also teaches at the London College of Fashion. Magdalena is responsible for refining the iconic cut of our trademark women’s suits, inspired by our same single-button silhouette. When it comes to shape and form, Magdalena has a true talent for knowing what flatters. As natural maker, when not occupied with overlooking ladieswear creation, Magdalena enjoys upholstery, furniture renovation and gardening outside of our Savile Row home.


  • Huntsman, where ladies wear the trousers…

    From Coco Chanel’s riding britches to Katherine Hepburn’s iconic pants, Huntsman has a legacy of women wearing the trousers!

    Whether you’re looking for sunshine-yellow pantaloons like Ms. Elizabeth Taylor, or something more contemporary like Charlotte Stockdale’s striking tuxedo for the Met Gala, talk to our team of expert bespoke specialists.


    Chaos’s Charlotte Stockdale wearing a bespoke Huntsman suit for the Met Gala

  • For Our Ladies In America

    Ralph Fitzgerald, Our Cutter in Residence

    London born Ralph Fitzgerald is our Cutter in Residence at our Pied A Terre in New York. Before moving across the pond, Ralph was trained as an Undercutter to Huntsman’s Head Cutter Campbell Carey and is highly skilled in both men’s and women’s bespoke suits.





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