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Meet Ed Turco, Huntsman’s U.S. Director.


Operating out of Huntsman W57th, our New York Pied A Terre, Ed also travels with London born Huntsman Cutter Ralph Fitzgerald on Huntsman’s East Coast and West Coast Trunk Shows.

Huntsman Trunk Shows offer our full Savile Row bespoke services in the convenience of your city, with curated cloths for the region, for business and leisure.

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We caught up with Ed ahead of his upcoming travels.

With the Global Pandemic 2020 brought with it unique challenges for bespoke tailoring. How did Huntsman W57th navigate this uncertainty in meeting and upholding the expectations of their clients?

There were so many touching stories that reflect the challenges we faced-and met in 2020, both remotely from W57th Street, and on the opportunity we were able to travel. 

At the start of the lockdown, I was speaking with a client who was sheltered in Aspen. He mentioned that he could not find his last cashmere blazer and hoped it would not be inappropriate (given that we were then closed) to ask us to make an exact replacement. Of course, we were happy to do so, and without ever having discussing payment, he posted a handwritten cheque that same day to my home address!

Another client emailed and asked if we could make him a charcoal-grey herringbone tweed sports coat. He preferred a Harris tweed or something similar, but it was left to me to decide. He told me “I really want to support you and Huntsman” during this very challenging time.

I had mailed another client our new Harrisons brochure. He emailed to say he was Working From Home, had lost some weight, and was hoping we could alter some of his suits. He mentioned how he was communicating and conducting business via Zoom, and that it would be nice to have three new cashmere sports coats to wear “on-screen” since he wasn’t really wearing business suits to his new home office!

Lastly, in October we hand-delivered our last remaining bespoke Huntsman picnic hamper to a new client in rural Coatsville at 7:00 am on a Saturday morning, as he wished to use it for a picnic that very same day!

In 2017 Huntsman became the first Savile Row tailor to open a permanent base in America to better serve our U.S. clients when we opened our Pied A Terre on W57th Street, New York.  What is it that makes Huntsman US a unique destination?

Huntsman was already esteemed as the “best of the best”, but we are indeed fortunate to have created “Huntsman West” on 57th St. and that unique situation has certainly served us well during these trying times. We were available to serve clients whom would otherwise be unable to see their tailor owing to ongoing international travel restrictions. I often mention that we are here for our clients “24/7” but rest assured we have since raised the bar to “25/8”!

I always reference “A Tale of Two Cities” by Dickens, but instead of that being London and Paris, in our case, it signifies London and New York”. One of our clients was quite taken by that reference and actually had the lining of his house tweed jacket embroidered with the opening lines of the novel: “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”


You have had a long and fruitful career in Men’s Tailoring, do you have a go-to garment, or perhaps a cloth of choice which you would recommend?

Our Peck cashmere sports coat. The original, cut by Colin Hammick on 30 May 1960, is proudly displayed on the landing of the 57th St staircase. It’s a quintessential classic that in my opinion cannot be improved upon!


Ed began his career at Brooks Brothers, where he rose to Vice President of Menswear, and Buying Director for London, spending a year in London on attachment to Marks & Spencer after their acquisition of the venerable US company. He eventually held the position of EVP, and was a member of their Executive Committee and corporate liaison to Brooks Bros. Japan. Mr. Turco was subsequently President of the Burberry Tailored Clothing Division of Plaid /Hartmarx.

Between 1999 and 2003 Mr. Turco was an independent consultant to several firms, including Loro Piana and Pincus Brothers-Maxwell, for Alexander Julian, Brooks Brothers, Eddie Bauer, Orvis, and the USOC. In 2000 Ed launched Luxury eTailing Networks, Inc. in New York with KStrat Ventures, which offered innovative digital solutions to the apparel, bridal and automotive industries. In 2002-03 he served as Senior Consultant, researcher and editor for the History Factory’s seminal 185th-anniversary publication for Brooks Brothers, entitled “Generations of Style” (©2003).

in 2017 Ed joined Huntsman in the role of U.S. Director, he has combined his singular 45-year perspective along with a profound understanding of fabric, tailoring, design and his clients’ lifestyle requirements, to create timeless, elegant and purposeful wardrobes for individuals who are only satisfied with the very best.



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