Inherited Alteration Service

“Thanks to Huntsman, I carry a little piece of him with me wherever I go.”



Huntsman is now proud to offer a service for clients who have inherited a Huntsman suit or jacket from a loved one. You are invited to bring the garment in store for an appraisal with a Huntsman tailor to assess the work required to reimagine your garment.


It might be replacing a button or two, it might be a few nips, tucks or tidying the hem, or it might be a complete re-invention. Now you can be sure that as much as it is our pleasure to look after you as an esteemed customer, so it is our pleasure to look after your family for generations to come- a true testament to your bespoke legacy.


Alby’s Story

“The initial ecstasy I felt when I first wore my father’s Huntsman suit has not receded (unlike my hairline), I don’t think it ever will.


For years, this suit didn’t see the light of day and now, thanks to Huntsman, I carry a little piece of him with me wherever I go. The suit still appears new, despite being made more than 20 years ago.


I see no reason why I couldn’t hand it down to my son too. Being able to consider a third-generation suit is a testament to the caliber of Huntsman’s craft.”

– Alby Shale, on his father Christopher Shale

All Huntsman garments are constructed with integrity, excellence and attention to quality, ensuring your Huntsman suit can be enjoyed by generations to come.

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