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Introducing Huntsman Ties

Over 185 Exclusive Designs

Huntsman’s Creative Director Campbell Carey was seduced by the theatre of a silk cloud being unravelled in an atelier in Tango, Japan. But that is only part of the story of how our new tie collection was curated…. 

Huntsman’s mission was to produce a tie collection across seven styles that suit our clients for an arc of occasions, a tie capsule wardrobe designed for clients that will transcend from generation to generation. The biggest tie collection made-to-date consists of over 185 designs that form a cohesive crest in the Huntsman legacy. The newly launched collection illustrates Huntsman’s appetite for reviving classic styles and imbuing a touch of contemporary design. 

To celebrate our centenary on Savile Row, we looked through each of our archives that chronicle our collections, dating back to 1919. Delving deep into the Huntsman vaults, we blew the dust off historic designs and uncovered an iconic signature basket-weave motif which caught our attention. Synonymous with club ties, a subtle design with intricate detail repeated. The Huntsman signature house colour palette was adhered to, compatible with our bespoke and ready-to-wear collections. Each tie features our house logo which has been hand stitched into the tipping, a finesse that will be appreciated for years to come.

Exceptional quality underpins everything we do at Huntsman, which is why we sought to work with specialist suppliers, rich in culture, with a fastidious approach to applying traditional techniques to produce something extraordinary. The theatre that takes place behind the scenes in our supplier’s workshops can be appreciated in the look and feel of the product. Campbell Carey, pondered the provincial map, finally landing in Tango, Japan- which is celebrated for its rich history of weaving fine silks and has been doing so for over 300 years. Huntsman’s kimono ties are produced in a range of blue hues, aptly inspired by their woven location, the Sea of Japan.

We also looked to the artisans of Europe, selecting an atelier in Germany to produce our new knitted ties, using state of the art machinery and drew design inspiration from traditional folding techniques.   We believe that ties are the pinnacle of any suit. Our emphasis for perfecting the collection lies within a larger framework, joining the dots between our suiting and accessory collections. The rise in ties becoming a prominent line in our collection winks at the evolution of our client’s appetite for a top-to-toe service that we are delighted to provide.  

Although principally the ties were created to complement Huntsman house-style suits, they are also the natural choice for gifting. Grant a loved one or dear friend with a special gift with a discernible difference.  A gift that transcends the owner, lending itself to generations to come. 

You can shop our full collection online or in-store at 11 Savile Row



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