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Re-Introducing Huntsman’s luxurious bespoke shirts


Huntsman is pleased to announce the relaunch of our esteemed Bespoke Shirtmaking
service. As of now, customers will be able to visit our Savile Row or New York addresses to
commission bespoke shirts, hand cut in-house by our own cutting team.

Of course, one of the joys of bespoke tailoring is the relationship you share with your tailor; you trust him to cut your suits and separates, so why not trust him to make you some beautiful shirts? After all, our cutters understand your figure like nobody else. Adding a handful of measures to those we already take for your coats, assisted by expert shirt cutters, our team is on-hand to create bespoke shirts with the perfect fit and finish.


As always, our shirts are made to the very highest standard, and by visiting Huntsman for both your tailoring and your shirts, clients will save precious time by reducing the number of visits and fittings required.

Shirtmaking is an important part of Huntsman’s story. We offered bespoke shirts cut in-house for most of the twentieth century, but the service was interrupted some 20 years ago
when our last resident shirt cutter retired. Now, we’re restoring the service to its former glory, and its rightful home.

Some of our seasoned patrons may remember Huntsman bespoke shirting advertisements from decades past, or perhaps still have an original bespoke shirt hanging in their wardrobe, like our famous customer, Gregory Peck, who had all his shirts made by Huntsman or Sulka (where some of our specialist shirt-cutters used to work). In fact, one long-standing client shared some of his Huntsman bespoke shirts with us recently for a trip down memory lane, with some surprising labels to enjoy…

It goes without saying that the style and fit of a bespoke shirt is essential to looking elegant and feeling comfortable. This new service allows you to draw upon your trusted relationship with your cutter, who knows precisely what colours, patterns and style of shirt will suit you.

Moreover, we have rigorously tested our new bespoke shirting process for over a year to create an experience that reflects the same standard of execution you would expect of your
suiting. The cutter’s art requires exacting skill; to accurately interpret your measurements to create the perfect pattern relies on a talented craftsman’s hand and eye. Thanks to close collaboration between your Huntsman cutter and our specialist shirt cutters, who draft the pattern and cut the garment together, you can be sure of a shirt that fits like a glove.

Inspired by our iconic one-button house silhouette, Creative Director Campbell Carey has even designed a range of bespoke shirt collars and cuffs to complement our tailoring – to ensure that the proportions of your shirt will sit harmoniously with a Huntsman suit or sports coat.

To make the best bespoke shirts, Huntsman has partnered with Alumo, manufacturer of the finest Swiss cotton shirting cloth, to offer a comprehensive collection of fabric style and weight. Huntsman’s bespoke team has an extensive knowledge of our shirting fabric collection – which numbers many hundreds of luxury cloths – and can offer advice on which
weight, composition and style of fabric is best suited to your body, or the purpose of the shirt.

Choose from classic poplins for business shirts that feel cool and comfortable next to the skin every day, to refined lightweight voile for summer travel and sumptuous ashmerello blends to keep you looking spick and span during the cooler months.

Speak to us now online to book a bespoke shirting appointment, or visit us in store at either No.11 Savile Row, W57th St. New York, or during our international trunk shows.

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