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Delighted to see you again!


We hope you enjoyed the longevity discussions at Huntsman in partnership with Singularity University.

On the topic of longevity, Huntsman has long been a vanguard of sustainable practice. The very nature of bespoke tailoring means that garments are produced not only to last a lifetime, but for generations to come. It’s not uncommon to find a Huntsman garment passed across generations; from fathers to sons and even further. The beauty of bespoke garments is that they are produced on demand, as opposed to the wastage of ready to wear mass produced items.

To honour our practice, Huntsman collaborated with London College of Fashion to give a new life to abandoned garments with the help of students. This allowed us to nurture emerging talent and demonstrate the longevity of Huntsman bespoke tailoring. We are proud to present this collaboration to you below.

We would also love for you to be a part of the Huntsman family. Please use the button at the bottom of this page to shop online and use your unique code during checkout or visit us in store on Savile Row to redeem your gift*.


As a testament to creating garments that can be enjoyed by generations to come, Huntsman launched a new service in which all of you who may have inherited a Huntsman suit or jacket from a loved one are invited to bring the garment in for a complimentary refitting. As these suits are carefully made by hand with the highest quality of fabrics, Huntsman is delighted to welcome a new generation to appreciate the art and joy of a bespoke fitted garment, such as the son of Christopher Shale, 29-year-old entrepreneur Alby Shale.

Alby says “The initial ecstasy I felt when I first wore my father’s Huntsman suit has not receded (unlike my hairline), I don’t think it ever will. For years, this suit didn’t see the light of day and now, thanks to Huntsman, I carry a little piece of him with me wherever I go.” Alby continues,“the suit still appears new, despite being made more than 20 years ago. I see no reason why I couldn’t hand it down to my son too. Being able to consider a third-generation suit is a testament to the calibre of Huntsman’s craft.”

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