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For more than 170 years Huntsman has dressed the great and the good. Through its doors have passed generations of talented craftsmen – and women – who have formed lasting relationships with those customers, creating bespoke garments that have been long treasured. It’s their commitment to service and excellence that has secured Huntsman’s reputation.


You trust your cutters at the best bespoke house for your suits, why not do the same for your shirts?

Our expert cutters know your body like no one else. Adding a handful of measures to what they already take for your coats, assisted by expert shirt cutters they’ll create shirts that fit perfectly. No compromise whatsoever and you will gain your precious time by saving visits and fittings.

Bespoke shirting has played an essential part of our sartorial repertoire and now Huntsman is pleased to announce the relaunch of this esteemed service to our clients by appointment.

Our clients deserve the best of bespoke when it comes to choosing a suit, and with the bespoke shirting service this is reflected in every aspect of their wardrobe. As the style and fit of the shirt is an essential part of your comfort and elegance, you leverage your trusted relationship with your cutter, who knows exactly what colours, patterns and style suits you.

Huntsman has been rigorously testing and perfecting the bespoke shirting process for over a year to ensure a bespoke experience which reflects the same standard of execution you would expect for your suit, and in doing so we’ve created a small revolution in bespoke shirt making. Your shirt is the garment that has to work hardest for you, being as comfortable as a second skin, whilst looking immaculate, with or without a jacket.

The art of fabric cutting requires exacting skill, accurately interpreting your measurements to create a perfect pattern. The way in which cutters communicate is unique; by having our expert cutters take your measurements and our specialist shirt cutters cutting the garment, you can be sure of a shirt that fits perfectly every time.

Our process means that our cutters need only to take a handful more measurements in a single bespoke fitting to produce your shirting patterns, ensuring a more convenient process for you.

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