Get Inspired

You’ll find creativity flowing whilst looking through our archive tweed ledgers, seeing decades of iconic tweeds in their true representation of colour and patterns, whilst Huntsman’s commitment to innovation helps you bring tradition bang up to date, with an extensive collection of yarns in lighter weights for contemporary lifestyles.

From muted tonal checks to those bold and brilliant designs and imaginative use of colour, we believe the best tweed is that which is inspired by something personal.


The Experience

Huntsman is the only tailor on Savile Row to boast its own handloom and to offer clients the opportunity to create their own signature tweed and have it sampled in-house. From the initial consultation to creation, clients can fine-tune their tweed design, working with our Cloth Development Specialist to create a tweed exactly to your specification.From the comfort of Huntsman Club, you can enjoy the satisfaction of watching your tweed roll off the Huntsman loom in the form of a test blanket, offering a highly personalised and truly bespoke experience.

Your Sartorial Legacy

The opportunity to create something so distinctively yours is an honour in itself,  knowing you have created a unique family tweed for future generations to enjoy goes beyond personal luxury. Whilst every bespoke Huntsman garment is special, when that garment is cut from a tweed that you designed, it gives you a sense of distinction that takes tailoring from an art form to a sartorial legacy.


Start Your Own Tradition

Where once a Scottish laird would choose colours that merged like camouflage into his land, now a client might pick out three distinctive yarns to represent each of his sons, sports team, or club colours. Though our reasons change, the creative process remains the same.

Pricing and Timeframe

The Tweed Experience can be purchased for £10,000.

Initial consultation & sampling: up to 28 days
Tweed in Production: 12 - 18 weeks 

Your Bespoke Jacket: 12 weeks from tweed arriving at 11 Savile Row & your first fitting

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