Our approach

We pride ourselves on our rich heritage and long-standing history reflecting this in our products. From the smallest to the biggest, we aim to meet every possible request we can.


We cherish our new, past and current clients hugely. We are fortunate to boast one of the most extraordinary client lists of any bespoke tailor on Savile Row, and aim to maintain our customer satisfaction that has been carried on throughout the last 167 years. As we don’t advertise, word of mouth and reputation are the backbone of our existence. We make it a priority to understand your wants and needs of your mind, body and lifestyle. We spend time to create what best fits those, by hand. Time to train in-house those precious hands. Time to find the best cloths, sometimes the best sheep for the best wool, the best mill for the best tweed. Time for as many fittings as needed, make and correct the unavoidable mistakes to get to the perfect result.


Our aim is to provide our clients with garments to the highest of quality, by constantly searching for the highest luxury yet durable fabrics. We take pride in our remarkable history, yet Huntsman is also one of the most forward-thinking tailors on Savile Row. Whilst preserving our heritage, core values and skills, we always keep an eye to the future, moving with the times by continuing to refine Huntsman’s house style, experimenting with new fabrics, and in exceeding the expectations of our customers wherever possible.


We use the finest materials and the most skilful tailors to create the products we offer throughout Huntsman. However, our service is just as important as the goods. We aim to do anything we can, however big or small, to help every customer in any way we can. Whether for styling advice and cloth choice, a bespoke fitting, an alteration, ready to wear or a general enquiry, our client managers and cutters are there to help you meet all your needs.


As bespoke tailors, we believe the customer should be able to be the architect of their bespoke suit or shirt, creating their own take on the iconic Huntsman look.

We are here to help guide the customer through a variety of options to make sure the final product is well thought-out and designed. This is perfected over a number of weeks, through consultations, fittings and our tailoring skills to ensure the end result is exactly to the customer and our standards.


The materials used in our products are just as important. For the past two decades, we have woven most of our tweeds on the Isle of Islay in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland, working with one of the world’s oldest mills. We continuingly aim to source the highest quality fabrics possible to reflect the luxury of our garments.


We are one of few bespoke tailoring houses on Savile Row that is still able to produce all of our clothing entirely on site, just as was the case one hundred years ago. We have one of the largest cutting and tailoring teams on Savile Row. In addition to our main cutting room, we have a further cutting space and two tailoring workshops on our premises where our team of over 25 cutters, tailors and apprentices ply their craft.

We find that this is the best way to ensure that our creations remain of a consistent quality, meeting our exacting standards and those of our clients.