Many hours of work and many generations of skill have gone into producing your bespoke garments, and we want to ensure that you get the fullest possible wear and enjoyment from them.  

A well maintained bespoke garment can last generations, but not without conscious care from its owner. As an antithesis to fast fashion, a well tailored bespoke garment represents the culmination of the skilled labour and many hours of many individuals. Think of it not unlike commissioning a sculpture, or portrait. Here, we offer some simple suggestions to allow you to enjoy your garments and keep them looking pristine for years to come. Simply put, love your garment and it will love you back.


01|Travel Light

With the advent of pocket technology dawns the suits biggest foe. Though it’s inviting to pack jacket and trouser pockets with phones, keys, headphones and all manner of daily paraphernalia, overloading your pockets, keeping heavy and bulky items is the quickest way to pull them out of shape.

When returning your garment to the wardrobe, be sure to have emptied your pockets completely. Take heed, as these can change the shape and line of your coat, as well as wear the lining prematurely. 

02|Rotate Regularly

Our cutters suggest that a single suit is to be worn once or twice a week, rotating your wardrobe regularly. This will prolong the lifespan of each individual suit drastically.

Buying an extra pair of trousers with every suit will double its life expectancy; due to friction, trousers are always the part of the suit to show signs of wear.


03| Hang It...

Always hang your jacket, trousers or coat from a correctly shaped wooden hanger, preferably with thick, rounded shoulders as soon as you take it off. It can be so inviting at the end of a long day to discard your jacket on the back of a chair, or from a cloakroom hook, however this is the easiest way to dishevel a well pressed suit. 

Before returning your garment to the closet, take a few minutes to spot check it for any lint, hair or debris; you can use a medium bristle clothes brush or a lint roller to quickly refresh. 

Quick Tip:

Give your garment time to air in a ventilated space. This will allow fibres to naturally dispel any odours accumulated throughout the course of the day. You’ll find most superficial odours are easily eliminated, and this will keep your entire wardrobe smelling fresh.

04| ...& Bag It

If you’re packing your garment away for a longer period of time, it’s a good idea to use a garment bag to store your clothes. Be sure to keep clothes out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods. If your dressing room has a source of natural light, store your clothes either behind closest doors, or in garment bags.  

In safeguarding against wardrobe invaders, more pleasant alternatives to mothballs include lavender and Cedarwood balls; these have a much more pleasant, floral scent, compared to the pungent smell of chemicals.


05| Fold With Caution

To pack a suit or jacket for traveling the instruction is simple: Create as few folds as possible. Ideally, always use a suit carrier.  Your suit requires a rest after a long journey so ensure that you remove it from its case or packaging as soon as possible. 

If travel requires you fold your suit or jacket flat, begin by placing the jacket face up on a flat surface. Roll the shoulders so that the sleeves of your garment are sitting tight to the body and fold once, from the shoulders down. This creates the minimum number of folds in your garment and allows for the greatest surface area in your suitcase.

Quick Tip:

When your garments are in need of attention, ensure that work is carried out by experts.  The inexperienced pressing of the body of a jacket can easily ruin it. 

06| Steam It Out

If you’re unable to access appropriate laundry services, should your clothing look a little tired upon arrival, try hanging it up in a hot, steamy bathroom. The humidity will encourage any superficial creases to drop out. A small portable steamer can be effective in tackling more stubborn creases on knitwear or trousers; but approach this with caution.  The over-liberal application of intense steam on coats and jackets can alter the structure of the garment. 


07| Sponge - Press - Rest

We recommend dry-cleaning your garments only once annually.  To refresh your suits, instead opt for a sponge and press clean. If used too frequently, the  chemicals applied during the dry cleaning process can damage the cloth fibres of your garments over a prolonged period of time.  Research and appoint a dry-cleaner with good reputation and with experience in caring for bespoke clothing. If you’re dry-cleaning a suit, ensure that the whole suit and any additional trousers are cleaned at the same time.

Quick Tip:

When ironing your shirts, don’t steam your collar or cuffs, use the heat of the iron. When pressing your collar, face it down on the ironing board, so you are pressing from the outside to the middle, to ensure you do not get a wrinkly band.

08| Pressing Matters

Pressing a garment must be done with utmost care as it could damage the handwork inside the garment. A standard dry cleaner will simply press a suit or jacket on a flat industrial press; this tends to flatten the suit and often results in buttons becoming worn or cracked. Please contact Huntsman, and we can recommend Pressing Services that will maintain the integrity of your bespoke garments. 

09| Trust The Professionals

Never throw away your garment when damaged, we have ways to fix most accidents, small tears and holes. Bring your garment in store for us to inspect it- We offer a complementary Good-Look-Over service, at which our tailors can inspect your tailoring and advise on any minor repairs and alterations to continue the life of your garment.

Bespoke garments are made with generous seam inlays in the waist of the jackets and trousers to enable the garments to grow with you as the years pass. Never discard a garment because you feel it no longer fits correctly, it’s very likely that we can alter the garment for you. Our tailors are just as skilful when they alter your suit as when they made it. 

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