For Every Occasion, The Perfect Cloth

When it comes to your bespoke commission, there’s rarely a single factor in choosing a cloth that is right for you. You’ll find from spending time with our Bespoke Specialists all the considerations in finding your perfect fabric; The weight, the drape, the feel of the cloth, and for what occasion?

A light wool suit for the boardroom. A tweed sports jacket for the country. A velvet smoking jacket for cocktail parties. For every occasion, there is the perfect choice of cloth, and you’ll find them all here, at Huntsman. Our extensive cloth library boasts cloth of luxury and rarity, as well as exclusive Huntsman designs.

Bespoke Linings

A Private Pleasure

There’s something special about choosing the lining of a jacket or coat. Often only the wearer knows it's there, others may catch a glimpse of colour, a hint of pattern, a suggestion of something more unusual.

British screen idol Stewart Granger was one of the first Huntsman clients to have Hermes silk inserted into his mohair coat. Today, technology allows us to screen print designs onto your silk lining, from Magritte’s ‘Man in a Bowler Hat’ to Ed Ruscha’s ‘Boy Meets Girl’, making this a truly bespoke experience.


The Finest Handwork

The positioning, intricacy, and craft of embroidery brings a garment to life to make it genuinely unique. Like the peacocks featured on a coat commissioned for David Bowie. Or the words of Martin Luther King’s favourite song reproduced inside David Oyelowo’s jacket, worn at the Golden Globes to mark his performance as King in the movie ‘Selma’.


The Peck Houndstooth Cashmere

In 2015, Huntsman produced its first cashmere sports jacketing cloth in more than 60 years. A faithful reproduction of a heritage Johnstons of Elgin cloth, first woven in 1953, this black, navy and olive houndstooth came to our attention when we exhibited the Gregory Peck archive of Huntsman outfits. Of the 15 items on display, it was the actor’s houndstooth sports coat from 1961 that drew the most requests – for the cloth and the coat.

To create its contemporary counterpart, today we work with Joshua Ellis, a merchant renowned the world over for producing the finest handcrafted cashmere and wool, to create a richly textured, soft cashmere yarn that transcended fashion while remaining distinguished and discreet.

The Peck Tweed

In iconic tweed on Savile Row, and around the world, The Peck tweed actually has its roots in Hollywood, first commissioned for Gregory Peck in 1962. An instant classic, the house adopted this tweed as our signature shortly after, and today it remains a firm favourite; with new colourways and limited edition styles produced seasonally.


Noble Yarns

Pioneering a new heritage of sustainable luxury, Tengri has introduced this luxurious and rare cloth woven from Khangai Noble Yarns® – named for their superior qualities – sourced from the Khangai yak, an ancient beast dating back 10,000 years.

Khangai Yak cloth is as soft as cashmere, even warmer than merino wool, breathable, water repellent, and hypoallergenic. But it is also robust- there is longevity with this cloth, and it is less prone to pilling than other fibres. In two solid and two POW check designs, the exclusive collection of Tengri cloth is available in limited edition to Huntsman clients in London, New York, and at our international trunk shows.

Until recently, these noble fibres have remained largely unexplored by textile designers and makers. The fibres’ journey takes them from western Mongolia’s steppe mountains to the heritage mills of Yorkshire, and eventually to the cutting tables of Huntsman. These fibres can be sourced only once a year, when the yaks in Mongolia shed their winter coats. Each animal is hand-combed, individually and on average only 100 grams of fibre is available from each yak, making the cloth incredibly rare and desirable.