In Bespoke Tailoring

As a luxury bespoke tailoring house, our practices with garment production are inherently sustainable because we make garments by commission to the specification of the individual. We circumvent the issues of wastage in mass production, unnecessary freight and transportation, and labour exploitation. Huntsman bespoke garments always have been and will be, made by hand. The entire bespoke tailoring process takes place in-house at 11 Savile Row, or at a Huntsman-certified atelier. Our partner ateliers are vetted to the same rigorous standards as our in-House tailors, to ensure an identical quality of production. 

The quality of garments produced by our ateliers guarantees their longevity. An antithesis to fast-fashion, when cared for, Huntsman bespoke garments will last not only one lifetime but several. Huntsman’s Inherited Alteration Service is our promise that if you inherit a Huntsman garment we’ll provide a complimentary consultation and ‘tidy-up’ service, to help you enjoy your garment for even longer. 

In moving towards a zero-waste initiative, we have collaborated with schools and colleges on 'pork projects' . These projects utilise unwanted and unclaimed bespoke garments in sustainability modules that contribute to students' qualifications. This ensures nothing gets destroyed or thrown away. Huntsman also uses these initiatives to help train and teach future generations of garment makers. 

In Ready-To-Wear

Our Ready-To-Wear collections are produced in low-volume units, avoiding over-stock and wastage. Instead of producing seasonal collections, our Ready-To-Wear garments are designed with permanence, meaning they are always available to the consumer. We don’t believe in sale-clearance or destroying Ready-To-Wear products- a guarantee of quality and longevity to our consumer.  Huntsman’s Made-To-Order service  which is available across our Ready-To-Wear collections,works on the same inherently sustainable principle, allowing clients to customise our Ready-To-Wear collection to their specification, giving versatility and choice without the necessity of producing multiple lines and units. 

In Packaging & Presentation

Huntsman retail bags and gift boxes are beautifully crafted using FSC mix certified board. FSC Mix board is made from a mixture of materials from FSC-certified forests, recycled materials, and/or FSC-controlled wood. To make an FSC claim on a product each party in the manufacturing supply chain must be FSC certified which includes regular audits.  This ensures a commitment to the strictest standards currently governing responsible forest management to be able to sell products with an FSC label. By using FSC certified material support is being given to zero forestation, supporting the change from preservation to conservation, ensuring a fair wage and work environment and community rights.

The carry handles on Huntsman shopping bags are also completely made from a woven FSC paper yarn. This means that the whole bag, including the handles, is recyclable at the end of life.

In Cloth 

We often find ourselves talking about products and the planet in our processes, and the people around the world who make it all happen – from the farmers who grow our materials to the conscious consumers who purchase them. We build open and collaborative relationships with our suppliers and take the time to understand the complexities and contexts of our sourcing regions and will continue to strive to develop this further. 

We actively work with producers to promote environmentally-conscious cloths for both our Bespoke services and Ready-To-Wear collections. These cloths are all created with an environmentally responsible ethos. From sourcing the yarn, to production and transportation. Huntsman supports and collaborates with U.K Mills in environmentally conscious initiatives.

In People

The entire Huntsman bespoke process takes place in 11 Savile Row. This allows for full transparency across the production process and guarantees the safety and welfare of the Huntsman team. Huntsman training programmes benefit both the employee and the consumer, with the assurances that every member of the Huntsman team is trained in-house to the highest standards.

We understand that as a business, we have a responsibility to respect human rights. We follow the Modern-Day Slavery Act 2015 to guide us towards best practice in this area. We believe everybody in our supply chain should be treated with respect and dignity. We also believe each person should earn a fair wage and be recognized and valued equally. We aim to build modern and resilient supply chains that provide desirable jobs, foster people’s skills, strengthen workers’ voices and advocate for vulnerable groups.  

Huntsman x Ethical Era x Susan Bender

In approaching the Huntswoman Of Tomorrow collaboration with the Ethical Era we have created a beautiful, versatile garment with an environmentally conscious approach within the context of bespoke tailoring, which does not compromise on desirability or luxury.

Because Huntsman bespoke tailoring is inherently sustainable, the garment looks to tackle the issue of longevity in a garments lifecycle. In the context of a womens jacket; creating something that is timeless in design, but can be adapted to meet the specification of the wearer, and guarantee fashionability, thus extending the lifespan of this garment indefinitely. In conceptualising a versatile ladies jacket, we have produced something that tackles over-consumption and throwaway culture in womenswear.

In ensuring transparency within our sourcing, production and labour, we are able to work towards sustainable and responsible practices to create this garment. Utilising luxury dead-stock and fabric remnants that would otherwise be destroyed, we have created the interchangeable lapels and accessories which define this jacket, marrying both practically with elegance, to ensure we do not contribute to over-production.

Our Packaging

All Huntsman bags, boxes and stationary is FSC certified.