Made To Last A Lifetime

Breathe new life into your inherited, gifted and found Huntsman tailoring.

We really mean it when we say that our bespoke tailoring is made to last a lifetime. Testament to the quality and longevity of Huntsman-made clothing can be found in our comprehensive archive of garments from the last century, as well as in the wardrobes of clients who have been enjoying their Huntsman tailoring for decades.

Your Sartorial Legacy

At Huntsman it is our understanding that we don't just make suits for the individual, we care for generations of clients. It's not uncommon to find three generations of a family all enjoying the beauty of Huntsman bespoke tailoring. So often we will see our clothing passed down, inherited and gifted between friends and family. Whether it be a much-loved riding coat for an important first ride out or the comfort of a familiar suit.

An Anthetisis To Fast Fashion

Bespoke tailoring is inherently sustainable; making an individual garment to the specification of a single client means that you avoid mass production and wastage. Our garments, all made at 11 Savile Row are designed to last for a lifetime and further.

But what happens next? The inherited Garment Service helps breathe new life into those Huntsman garments that have been passed on to a new owner, thus continuing the garment's lifespan and ensuring enjoyment for years to come.

How It Works

If you have an inherited Huntsman garment that you'd love to wear, but perhaps isn't quite right- speak to us! Our tailors can assess your tailoring, and even make some small alterations free of charge. Whatever your plans, we're here to help- and our team can advise you on how to rejuvenate your inherited clothing.