Elevate Your Wardrobe

Huntsman ladieswear is designed to elevate your wardrobe from the ordinary to the exquisite. Whether it be your armour or embellishment, our dedicated ladieswear team creates bespoke garments to empower you. Quality that will last a lifetime, and wardrobe longevity and versatility that is unique to bespoke tailoring.


Timeless, Trendsetting

With Huntsman bespoke there is no trend to follow or fashionable choice, we create bespoke garments to suit your taste and reflect your needs. Through every bespoke commission a common thread: excellence in cut, cloth, and construction. The rest is at your discretion. 

Whether you're a working professional looking for brilliant business wear and stand-out women's suits for special occasions, from the boardroom to the ballroom and for every occasion we offer beautiful ladies' couture garments.


All In The Details

Deeper pockets, a structured shoulder, or perhaps an extra inch on your lapel? Our Head Ladieswear Cutter skillfully and elegantly incorporates the design choices that matter to you.

Everybody can admire the fit and finesse of a bespoke garment; it’s what makes you stand a little straighter, and walk a little taller, however, the real beauty of bespoke is truly a private pleasure that can only be experienced by the wearer. The subtle nuances in design, the choice of cloth, and the way it feels as comfortable as a second skin.

A Reputation For Excellence

Huntsman has created bespoke women’s clothing for more than 150 years, and during this time has dressed some of the world’s most elegant, powerful, and influential women.

Among our leading ladies – Coco Chanel, Grace Kelly, Katherine Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, and Gayatri Devi, but a few famous names to inspire, each of whom had an incredible understanding of what a bespoke cut and fit could bring to the functionality and elegance of ladieswear.

These high-profile female commissions bring a delicious feminine twist to our famous men’s tailoring. Huntsman-tailored women’s suits are cut to the body accentuating shape and enhancing lines to achieve that mystical union of comfort, glamour, and style.

To Last A Lifetime

To commission, a bespoke garment is to begin your own sartorial legacy. Made to last a lifetime, and longer, Huntsman bespoke tailoring is inherently sustainable; made for an individual and made to last. An antithesis to fast fashion, bespoke tailoring promises longevity, as bespoke garments can be altered to fit your changing physicality.

What's more, we keep your paper pattern forever. Once created this two-dimensional representation can be adjusted repeatedly to reflect your shape. It makes reordering with Huntsman easier and more efficient.

Meet Magdalena

Our Head Ladieswear Cutter

Magdalena is a pinnacle of the trade, renowned throughout Savile Row for her skill and her personal style. Under her tenure, Magdalena has refined the iconic cut of our trademark women’s suits, inspired by our house single-button silhouette, and created international acclaim for Huntsman ladieswear. Her conscientious championing of women's tailoring has built devoted patronage of contemporary, high-profile women, all of whom share in the joy of Huntsman bespoke.

When it comes to shape and form, Magdalena has a true talent for knowing what matters. Her ethos is one of self-empowerment; each client is unique and as such so is each bespoke commission.