Huntsman Gold Seal Super 210’s Cashmere and Royal Qiviuk

Huntsman Gold Seal Super 210’s Cashmere and Royal Qiviuk arrives in store.

Extraordinarily fine but at a weight brilliantly suited to changing seasons and climates, the cashmere and Qiviuk mix is the latest Huntsman collaboration to put luxury and comfort in the hands of our customers. This limited edition cloth goes against today’s prevailing trend of less is more. “Most manufacturers will only weave this quality at around 7oz,” says Huntsman Creative Director Campbell Carey. “We have spared no expense in creating two beautiful shades of navy blue at 10oz.” It brings two of the world’s softest natural wools together, feeling delicious against the skin. It offers a balance of 45% Super 200s wool, 45% cashmere and 10% Qiviuk for durability and elegance. And it achieves a weight of 10oz in a two-ply twill weave, bringing a structure and quality that is appreciable by the eye. The cloth makes use of one of the rarest fibres on earth: the supremely soft and silky undercoat of the musk ox. As these magnificent ancient beasts cross Canada’s icy deserts wastes this warm and fluffy white lining protects them against punishingly cold temperatures. As spring ends and the snows melt, huge clumps of these fibres are to be found on the bushes of the tundra. These are collected by the Eskimo who have named them Qiviuk. They in turn have shared their expert understanding of the fibre with Dormeuil. Careful cleaning and processing of the clumps results in a small amount of soft, light thread. What makes it remarkable is that only a little is needed to transform a fabric, and make it astonishingly fine to the touch. Stamped with the Huntsman Golden Seal, this is one in a series of fabrics being developed exclusively for our customers. Innovation and luxury combine to offer many more choices for different occasions and climates.