The Trunk Show Experience

The Huntsman bespoke Trunk Show process is no different from that you’d find within 11 Savile Row or W57th Street. First, our expert Client managers will introduce you to the different bespoke styles and fabric choices. Then our expert cutters will take up to 38 individual measurements and assess your silhouette finding ways to emphasise your best features, as well as assure the commission is uniquely suited to you.

All of our trunk show clothing is cut in 11 Savile Row and W57th Street, New York, and finished and pressed at 11 Savile Row, London. Every commission we deliver, including the trunk show clothing is subject to our full continuous service past the date of delivery. Regardless of where and when the order was placed, we’re here to provide further pressings and dry cleaning, as well as help with stain removal or further alterations. 

Origin Of The Trunk Show

The notion of a trunk show goes back at least a couple of centuries, when traveling salesmen went from town to town with their steamer trunks filled with wares, introducing citizens to the latest in fashion and design. Since then, a fashion trunk show has retained its core idea, connecting tailors and their patrons, centering around a shared sincere appreciation of the finest bespoke tailoring.

Savile Row Service Around The World

Throughout our history, Huntsman has been in the front line of bespoke tailors, delivering bringing bespoke service directly to gentlemen around the world.

Today, Huntsman is now pleased to offer dedicated bespoke ladieswear trunk shows of the same prestige to our female clients around the world.

More Choice - More Time

Although visiting our home at 11 Savile Row is a great way to experience our bespoke tailoring services, it is not the only option. We understand that travelling to our London shop in person may not always be convenient, which is why our dedicated team of Cutters and Client Managers travel regularly to locations around the globe, allowing you access to our full bespoke tailoring services and products first-hand, wherever and whenever it suits you best.

Whether you’re looking for cloths to suit the climate, the latest bespoke styles, or you’re interested in our personalisation services, we’re here to help.