"One signature jacket, endless possibilities. For the woman who knows how to make her wardrobe work for her."

- Magdalena Handwerker, Head Ladieswear Cutter


The Huntswoman Of Tomorrow Collection

Offering all of the same luxury, longevity and versatility, for spring & summer the Huntswoman Of Tomorrow Collection has been reimagined in beautiful light silk.

With more great accessory options, unlock fashion and functionality with a wardrobe that works for every occasion.

One signature bespoke jacket becomes the canvas for your own creativity, with a series of modular lapels and accessories that are easily combined and switched to totally transform your look.

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Transformative Tailoring

Now you can enjoy building a wardrobe that works harder for you in warm weather. Perfect for travel and those sartorially demanding summer events, the Huntswoman Of Tomorrow collection can be constantly evolved to meet your wardrobe requirements.

About The Collection

The Huntswoman of Tomorrow is collection designed by Huntsman's Head Ladieswear Cutter Magdalena Handwerker, in collaboration with Creative Director, Editor and Stylist Susan Bender Whitfield and Sustainability Intelligence Platform, Ethical Era.

This collection focuses on wardrobe versatility and longevity in luxury womenswear, the result is a fully customisable bespoke wardrobe, designed to seamlessly transition from business to leisure and day to night, without compromising on style.

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