A Tweed Fit For Concours

Creating a custom cloth for our partners at Hagerty


To celebrate the first Savile Row Concours. A cloth inspired by an epic British road trip.

In June of 2022 Savile Row hosted its first-ever Concours. From pre-war thoroughbreds to the latest electric hypercars, some of the greatest cars ever made were matched with Savile Row tailors to continue a long tradition of luxury car manufacturers pairing with the craftsmanship of bespoke tailoring.

At Huntsman we were delighted to be partnered with Hagerty,  the specialty automotive insurance provider. Hagerty shares Huntsman’s vision to create a complete lifestyle experience for their clients, who enjoy so much more than the insured safeguarding of their vehicles. Hagerty is truly an automotive enthusiast brand, offering integrated membership for exclusive products and programs. Across the two days of Concours, VIP guests could experience many of these from the comfort of the Huntsman Club.

To celebrate our synergies, Huntsman created for Hagerty an exclusive tweed that was sampled on display on our in-house loom. 


A testament to the beauty and versatility of tweed, and of our own creative team, Huntsman took Hagerty's signature brand colours as a starting point for the design. Huntsman Head Cutter and Creative Director Campbell Carey then worked closely with our weaver to design a cloth that was sophisticated and contemporary and would be perfect for a signature car coat, blazer, or even as a cashmere-lined blanket. In the blues, greys and blackish, Campbell took cues from around the British Isles.

His inspiration? An epic road trip that takes us from deepest Norfolk down through Devon visiting some of the most picturesque spots.



The hues and colours in the cloth are inspired by the chalky river beds of Norfolk, such as the majestic River Wensum, and the White Cliffs of Dover, where the impressive chalk and limestone facade meet the deep, dark blue of the ocean. Traveling further still through Dorset and to the likes of Kimmeridge Bay where the dramatic Blackstone cliffs create part of the Jurrasic coast. 

The result was a tweed true to Hagerty's identity, and that wouldn’t look amiss in the sophisticated setting of any luxury automobile, in town or country, and certainly fit for the road. Nuanced further with their brand symbolism, Campbell recognised the parallel stripes from their logo as the perfect signature for his design, creating a large check that contrasts with the slate and soot grey body of the cloth.

As we often say at Huntsman, the best inspiration comes from the most unlikely origins, and such is true with this tweed, that has instantly become a house favourite. 

And what of the cars? It was only fitting that Hagerty had to show the iconic Kingsman 1964 Jaguar E-Type, which debuted on the big screen in the second installment of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


To learn more about the Huntsman Tweed experience and how you too can create your very own tweed, speak to our team in-store.