Celebrating 175 Years of Elegance: Huntsman’s Timeless Legacy

As we eagerly welcome the arrival of the new year, we also prepare to honour a legacy that spans 175 years of sartorial excellence. This momentous occasion marks a significant milestone for the house and reflects on the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary fashion and the enduring elegance that defines Huntsman. Since our founding in 1848, Huntsman has acted as a guardian of bespoke tailoring, weathering the changing tides of fashion and societal trends. From the Victorian era to the digital age, our atelier has been a constant in the landscape of fashionable London. Adapting and thriving while maintaining an unwavering commitment to craftsmanship. It’s why we like to say we’re proudly ‘contemporary since 1849’.




Over the years, the Huntsman team has witnessed the ebb and flow of fashion, from the novel and flamboyant styles of the Roaring Twenties, the sombre uniform of two world wars, through to the swinging 60s, and the minimalist chic of the modern era. From the ambitious Henry Huntsman himself to the ingenuity and vision of Mr Packer and Mr Hammick, evolution and innovation have been a driving force- with it. The ability to transform with the times while preserving its core values has been instrumental in our longevity- they are values shared today by their contemporaries, Messrs Lagrange, Carey, and Phull. Today, Huntsman stands as a tailor and a living testament to the enduring allure of bespoke craftsmanship.



For 175 years, the real heroes of our enduring success at Huntsman have been our dedicated team of tailors and cutters. With unparalleled skills and unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, these artisans stand as the driving force behind our bespoke legacy. Meticulously trained and steeped in authentic Savile Row tailoring traditions, our expert tailors possess an intuitive understanding of the human form, enabling them to transform fabric into garments that seamlessly meld with the unique contours of each client.

Working in tandem with our precision-oriented cutters, who skillfully shape the raw materials into the foundation of sartorial elegance, these artisans elevate our creations beyond mere clothing, crafting personalised works of art. Their passion, attention to detail, and unwavering dedication to quality have preserved the legacy of Huntsman and allowed us to evolve and adapt to changing tastes while maintaining the timeless essence of bespoke luxury. As we celebrate our rich history, our tailors and cutters’ expertise continues to define Huntsman's unparalleled commitment to delivering unparalleled sophistication and refinement to our esteemed clientele.



Huntsman has been a stalwart in the fashion world and has woven itself into the fabric of London's iconic institutions. From dressing the royals and aristocracy to outfitting the stars of the silver screen, Huntsman's illustrious client list reads like a who's who of London's elite. From Sir Winston Churchill to Gregory Peck, the atelier has dressed statesmen, actors, and cultural icons alike. Our hallowed fitting rooms have become a place where elegance converges with legacy, and every stitch tells a story of sophistication. One of Huntsman's most intriguing aspects is its ability to mirror the changing styles of society through its clientele. As societal norms have evolved, so too have the preferences of Huntsman's patrons. The atelier has been a silent witness to the transformation of fashion from the formality of three-piece suits to more casual, yet equally refined, ensembles.



As Huntsman Savile Row stands on the cusp of its 175th anniversary, it not only looks back with pride on its storied history but also eagerly embraces the future. The atelier's commitment to timeless elegance, bespoke craftsmanship, and personalised service remains unwavering. The journey from 1848 to the present has been a testament to Huntsman's ability to adapt without compromising its core values. Huntsman Savile Row stands as a beacon of enduring elegance in a world where trends come and go.



As we raise a toast to 175 years of craftsmanship, style, and sophistication, we also look forward to the next chapter in the remarkable journey of Huntsman – a journey that continues to shape the future of bespoke tailoring while honouring the timeless traditions that define this iconic institution.