David Hayes | A Bespoke Profile

“Bespoke tailoring is an art that needs to be nurtured and taught to other tailors, as to preserve this craft for generations to come. It is an important step to keeping this art alive which I feel Huntsman has recognised and does so through their apprenticeships. Having had the opportunity to be an apprentice myself with Huntsman, one of the best tailoring houses in the world, it has taught me that with the right guidance tailoring can be very satisfying. It is demanding and requires a lot of training but worth it.” 

Meet David Hayes, Huntsman’s newest Coat Maker. He returns to Huntsman after having originally trained in 1998 and expresses his views on the art of bespoke tailoring as well as the growth he has witnessed within Huntsman.

1) As a coat maker, what is the most necessary part of your day?

I always need to get a cup of coffee in order to start off my day!

2) What do you think are the components of a really great jacket?

For me, a great jacket is all determined by how it fits you to how it makes you feel. That feeling you get when you put on a bespoke jacket, where the fit is perfectly crafted to you and your dimensions is one that you won’t be able to get from any other type of garment. I also feel that a great jacket must be timeless to be enjoyed for years and still feel relevant.

3) When are you most inspired?

  I am most inspired when I have an interesting project at hand. I also feel very inspired by the cloth I’ll be working with as each cloth has to be approached in different ways. 

4) What’s the most exciting thing you are working on?

At the moment I am working on a purple wedding suit which is a bit more unconventional but an exciting and inspiring cloth to be working with.   

5)  Having originally trained as an apprentice with Huntsman, what has changed most since you were last here?

Since coming back to Huntsman, it’s beautiful to see the diversity and inclusivity in the staff. Huntsman has adapted to the times and it is wonderful to see and be a part of such a progressive workforce committed to nurturing future tailors. 

6) What is your favourite garment?   

One of my favourite garments has to be a double-breasted dinner jacket as it is a timeless and sophisticated piece. 

7) What is your favourite cloth to work with?

Flannel cloth is one of the best to work with, the way it can be handled is easier than other cloths and can create more effortlessly beautiful garments.

8) Why are apprenticeships important in bespoke tailoring?

 Apprenticeships are vital in bespoke tailoring as it is a way to ensure that the craft will continue and be passed on. Without these apprenticeships, the beauty of bespoke tailoring would die out altogether.