Happy Lunar New Year!

Huntsman would like to wish a peaceful and prosperous New Year to all of those celebrating. May the Year Of The Rabbit bring you and your loved ones happiness, health, and good fortune. As ever, Huntsman is grateful for the continued support of our friends and patrons throughout Asia.

The past year has not been without its challenges, as we continued to navigate the precautionary pandemic restrictions which prevented our regular trunk show visits. From 11 Savile Row, Head Of Asia, Michael Cheng, and Head Cutter, Dario Carnera have worked diligently in launching our Teleporting Bespoke Services with our partners throughout Asia. Many of you have already enjoyed bespoke appointments with our robotic associate, Mr. Hammick, and Teleporting Bespoke Services has proven effective in providing business as usual in many regions. It reiterates our commitment to innovation and excellence in bespoke tailoring; a promise we hold and keep into this new year. 

However, we recognise that nothing could ever replace the pleasure of in-person appointments, which is why we are delighted to announce a return to our regular trunk show schedule for 2023! 

With every visit Michael and Dario bring with them a comprehensive curation of cloth suited to your region; cloth of luxury and rarity, guaranteed to suit every bespoke commission. A trunk show appointment is the best way to enjoy the luxury and prestige of Savile Row tailoring in the comfort of your city or region.

You can book your appointment now by emailing michael.cheng@huntsmansavilerow.com


We anticipate additional cities and regions to be added to our future trunk shows, so please be sure to check back for additional dates if we haven’t yet published your city.

As we look forward to the year of the Rabbit, you can expect many exciting collaborations from Huntsman, as well as new inspiration for our bespoke ladies, and elegant, seasonal pret-a-porter collections from Huntsman Creative Director and Head Cutter, Campbell Carey.