Huntsman announces new eyewear range and collaboration with Sea2See

Huntsman announces new eyewear range and collaboration with Sea2See

Created in collaboration with Sea2see, an innovative Spanish organisation that is committed to tackling the epidemic of ocean pollution, Huntsman have produced a range of eyewear made solely from 100% recycled ocean plastic. The collection consists of four styles; all of which were thougshtfully designed to suit our client’s lifestyles. Selected in tones that accommodate all complexions, these sunglasses fit perfectly into both ladies’ and gentlemen’s wardrobes. Looking to the Huntsman archive, clients such as Gregory Peck and Marlene Dietrich -icons of the golden age of cinema- served as a reference point to help curate a collection of frames that are to be worn with the grace and confidence of a Hollywood star. Based in Barcelona, Sea2see work with Catalonian fishermen across the region to bring in 1000kg of plastic waste every three days; waste consisting of discarded plastic fishing nets and the rubbish that has gathered within them. With approximately 10kg of plastic waste needed to make each pair of sunglasses, Sea2see separates the substances that can used for the glasses, and resourcefully distributed the leftover materials to other companies to create nylon fishing wire and other essential items. In a similar fashion to carefully selecting the cloth for a bespoke suit, great consideration must go into the search of the perfect pair of sunglasses. Huntsman have worked tirelessly to narrow down this choice for you. Inspired by the likes of Paul Newman and Mr Peck, the range of frames embodies the Huntsman house style; classic yet innovative, comfortable but stylish. Every aspect of the wearing process has been considered; from the spring hinge used for a more customised fit, to the moulded body of the frames to ensure a carefree wearing experience. Huntsman, contemporary since 1849.


An exquisite design, luxury polished round frame finished with dark green lenses to ensure ultimate UV protection in tropical climates. Perfect for the distinguished globetrotter.


Saint Tropez

A picturesque inspired style that doesn't fall short of its name. The “Saint Tropez” is an icon of impeccable craftsmanship, with its sleek gold tone keyhole bridge and smoked brown lenses, fit on a polished tortoiseshell frame.



A statement style work of art, in a matt brown tortoiseshell, with sleek gold tone finishing. This aviator style is a timeless sartorial classic.


East Hampton

A quintessential style, with its brushed silver tone detailing and versatile brown lenses fit on a vintage shape tortoiseshell frame.