Huntsman Bespoke 100

Contemporary since 1849, Huntsman has always been proud of leading The Row in innovating for improving customer satisfaction. To celebrate turning 100 on Savile Row, Huntsman has created a unique new Bespoke offering for the time conscious modern gentleman;

Bespoke 100

This service offers the same unmatched quality and prestige from one of the most iconic Houses on Savile Row, optimised for a more convenient bespoke experience.

Bespoke 100 delivers a two-piece suit in only 6 to 8 weeks which is 30% faster than a conventional bespoke service and with a starting price of £3500, it is perfect for the time pressured sartorial enthusiasts.

Bespoke 100 offers a full bespoke baste, Huntsman cut with a specially curated line of luxurious cloths and is measured, cut, fit, finished and pressed at 11 Savile Row, guaranteeing the same esteemed quality of service and delivery synonymous with the House.

To make Bespoke 100 we are delighted to collaborate with Huntsman certified bespoke ateliers from around the world. Therefore, we are able to accelerate delivery of this fully bespoke service at a price competitive of Made to Measure products.

Bespoke 100 compliments our Bespoke 1849 offering which has remained unchanged since 1849.

Huntsman is proud to offer Bespoke 100 and Bespoke 1849 by appointment at 11 Savile Row, W57th St. New York and during our international trunk shows.