Huntsman Grenadine Ties

Huntsman Grenadine Ties

Grenadine ties are celebrated for their versatility because they work equally well with suiting, as they do with separates.

Once worn with colonial uniforms in the tropics due to its lightweight and breathable qualities, the Grenadine tie is also incredibly rich in texture and colour. Using a traditional loom facilitates alternating silk colours to be woven in parallel.

It is this technique that provides an impressive ‘subtle flecking of colour’ effect that runs throughout the designs.  The intricate weave provides a textural gauze-like feel for a further subtle point of difference.  

We source the rich silk from ‘Vanners’ founded by the Vanners brothers in 1740. Over the years Huntsman have built a strong alliance with Vanners Mill, located in Sudbury. The Vanners silk business withstood the tribulations surrounding politics, including the Spitalfields Act of 1774, which fixed wage rates in London and abolished the tariffs on imported silks. They walked untrodden paths, introducing the first power loom in 1900, paving the way in the British silk industry. 

All elements of production remain in-house. From cut, tip making, stitching and finishing, the full sequence is assembled by the same specialist. 

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