Huntsman Knitted Ties

Huntsman Knitted Ties

Knitted ties are icons of classic menswear fashion, the perfect alternative to traditional silk or cotton, they should be part of every gentleman’s wardrobe.

Huntsman’s solid colour,  spot and birdseye knitted ties use high-density silk, and as such, the ties have a kind of ‘crunchiness’. This is known as the ultimate quality feature for knit-tie connaisseurs, as it enables a knot with substance, often a let down with knitted ties.

You’ll recognise instantly how the quality of this tie in the substantial knot and drape; which means this tie sits well under a sweater or jacket.


Only one atelier in Germany has the right know-how and age tested machinery to produce the finest knitted ties, naturally, they were a perfect fit for Huntsman.

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