Huntsman Pure Warp Ties

Huntsman Pure Dye Warp Ties

The vibrant colours of these ties make great stand out pieces that will elevate your wardrobe

Bursting with colour and allure, these ties are beautifully detailed with intricate designs that will pique curiosity and punctuate your outfit with an accent of ‘zing’.

Add a pop of boldness to a well-fitted suit or favourite tweed  

 Featuring a signature stags head motif, a totem of intuition and power, this dovetails beautifully with our signature tweed suit collections- The lustrous silk fabric is produced using rare 350 end pure dye warps, something totally unique.

Finished by hand, these ties are made using the very best interlinings which ensures a better recovery rate and helps maintain the shape of the tie long-term. The ties also have a special woven tipping for an additional element of luxury. 

Our pure dye warp ties are available in distinct colourways, ideal for the gentleman looking for something special.

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