Huntsman Seven Fold Ties

Huntsman Seven Fold Ties

Gentlemen that opt for the seven fold tie can achieve the perfect dimple, leaving an air of distinction wherever they choose to roam…

These ties have an unmistakable thickness and a distinctive drape that instantly distinguishes them as the pinnacle of quality neckwear.  

It is a myth that the seven fold tie produces only a bigger, fatter knot. Depending on the way you choose to tie it, the malleable nature of the fabric enables you to sculpt in a range of sizes. The knot will always look substantial, with a luxurious feel that will maintain its shape throughout the day.

Moreover, due to the nature of the pliable silk, it lends itself to perfecting the dimple, adding another dimension. The finer details can be achieved and unmistakably noticed. Gentlemen that opt for a seven-fold tie leave an air of distinction wherever they choose to roam.

Huntsman 7-fold ties are handmade in England. Each 7-fold tie is hand-cut, using a whole block of cloth to make up one seven-fold. The cloth is folded 7 times then sewn together, which builds the body in the ties structure.

To add a special finish, the tie tips are hand roll hemmed. Once the tie pieces have been joined together and hand-rolled the tie is then pressed ready to be slipped. This is tie origami at its finest. Each tie takes a meticulous level of craftsmanship and hours of handwork, the result being a truly luxurious tie of unparalleled caliber.


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