Huntsman & The British Fashion Council & hosts a breakfast for LWF 2023

In celebration of the Huntswoman Of Tomorrow Collection, British Fashion Council C.E.O Caroline Rush hosted a panel discussion between Huntsman Head Ladieswear Cutter Magdalena Handwerker, fashion journalist and creative director Susan Bender Whitfield and founder of Ethical Era, Florence Kollie Raja.

From the clubroom of 11 Savile Row, the panel focused on sustainability in luxury womenswear and featured a model presentation of the Huntswoman Of Tomorrow collection. This collection answers the question; how do I achieve versatility and functionality without overconsumption, and without compromising on style?

The result is a signature bespoke jacket with easily interchangeable accessories and components that transform your garment, from work to play, day to night, and for every occasion in between. 

Sustainability is a hot topic in the fashion industry, and rightly so. Huntsman is, and always has been inherently sustainable; an antithesis to fast and throwaway fashion; with garments made by commission, to the specification of an individual, and quality designed to last a lifetime. 

When Susan Bender Whitfield approached the house in 2020, we immediately recognised that with her expertise in the world of luxury fashion and our reputation for making the world’s finest handcrafted clothes, we could collaborate to create a collection that is beautiful, functional and significant in addressing the challenges faced in today’s fashion landscape. 

The result is a collection that works for you; where you become your own designer. More importantly, Huntsman is pleased to be leading the conversation in luxury sustainable fashion. For the project, we consulted with the sustainability platform Ethical Era; to create a capsule wardrobe using only sustainably sourced and produced cloths, beads, crystals and trimmings. 

Caroline Rush, and each of our panellists wore a different iteration of the signature jacket, further demonstrating how versatile and uniquely different each look is. You can learn more about this project and see the entire collection here.