Huntsman & The Omen: Inside Robert Thorn's Closet

Huntsman outfitted many of Gregory Peck’s iconic looks for this cult horror classic. But his wardrobe choices prove far more than just fashionable fare.


Upon its release in 1976, The Omen almost immediately established itself as a cult horror classic, noted not only for its thrill factor but also for its undeniable sartorial merit. With stellar performances from Gregory Peck & Lee Remick, the characterisation of these actors is intrinsically linked to the careful wardrobe choices throughout the film. It’s an example of how considered costuming can provide visual cues to amplify and enhance the narrative of a motion picture.


Gregory Peck plays Robert Thorn, a diplomat in London who experiences every parent’s worst nightmare when he discovers that his adopted son is, in fact, the Antichrist. For the movie, Peck, an already established Huntsman patron, turned once again to the house to provide most of his wardrobe the feature. For Peck it was about creating a wardrobe that spoke of conformity, transformation and moral conflict.


As such, Peck's choice of tailoring in the film is meticulous, powerful and purposeful. Playing a high-ranking international diplomat, his wardrobe reflects a man of stature and sophistication and the sharp lines and structured silhouette of his suits and overcoats emphasise discipline, determination and rationale.



There’s also a contrast between Thorn’s professional and personal wardrobe. Whilst his suiting is relatively no-thrills, relegated to classic tones of grey, brown and navy, his off-duty wardrobe is full of pattern and colour, and you’ll see softer construction on his outerwear, and sports coats.


Gregory Peck in The Omen


You can certainly see how Peck, who was himself a great connoisseur of style, influenced the wardrobe decisions for this movie, and this further cements two ideas of this character. As a diplomat, driven and determined, a man of duty and obligation. As a father and husband, he is considerate, kind and even playful. It’s these visual contrasts that enhance the humanising aspects of Thorn.



For his professional wardrobe, Peck can be seen sporting suits in Huntsman’s signature one button cut suit throughout the film, paired with classic overcoats. Two scene stealers in particular are the velvet collar overcoat and check raglan sleeve overcoat, both courtesy of Huntsman. We also get the opportunity to enjoy an exquisitely cut grey morning suit (which eventually found its way into Peck’s personal wardrobe and to Royal Ascot).


By 1976, under the tenure of Head Cutter Colin Hammick, the signature Huntsman one-button fastening was proving popular not only in England but also around the world and among Hollywood’s leading lights. It’s fitting that as the American Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Thorn's wardrobe should suggest a sense of poise and sauve faire of a man well-travelled and familiar with the nuances of bespoke tailoring.

Peck’s wardrobe in The Omen was not merely a matter of fashion, though the fashion stakes are high, but a deliberate and integral part of character development and storytelling. It is his wardrobe that helps define Robert Thorn while also reflecting his internal conflict and the escalating dread of the film. By striking this balance, Peck's wardrobe became a vital element in creating the lasting impact and chilling atmosphere of this iconic horror film.