Huntsman Tweed Competition 2020: The Winner

The Huntsman Tweed Competition 2020 saw hundreds of entries pour in from around the world. From the confines of isolation, many found solace in taking time to create their own tweed, or in some cases several tweeds! From our distinguished panel of judges, votes from the public, and with the approval of Huntsman Creative Director Campbell Carey, our finalists were decided, and one clear standout winner.

Congratulations Amy Miller!


Based in Mississippi, U.S.A Amy had admired Huntsman tweeds, from afar for quite a while. 

Mrs. Miller, who whilst in Lockdown welcomed the arrival of her firstborn daughter stole some time while she was napping to get creative.

“I don’t remember ever having so much beautiful weather! Maybe we did, but I hadn’t had the time off to be able to appreciate it. We took many walks outside and spent a lot of quiet time on our back porch. That’s where the inspiration for my design came in.

The colors were inspired by nature in my area. Hunter green for all of the pine trees (MS is in the pine belt). I wanted some brighter colors that pop off the green, so I added red, inspired by the cardinal birds here, harvest yellow and Sky blue (or robins’ egg blue)- one of my favorite colors! I had a lot of time to enjoy the beautiful weather we were having so I used that for my inspiration. This pandemic was a trying time for many, but your competition gave us a chance to take our minds off of it and get creative. All of the finalist designs were amazing and I think they’re all a testament to the beautiful things that can come out of tough times. Thank you for that opportunity!”

Like all good tweed designs, Amy took inspiration from that which she knew and loved in nature, to create a tweed evocative of country pursuits from her natural surroundings.

Amy will now enjoy the experience of her tweed coming alive, first at 11 Savile Row on our own handloom and then with our established partner mill in Scotland. From her exclusive cloth she will also enjoy two pairs of bespoke tweed slippers. An experience to cherish forever.

Amy’s was one of the hundreds of unique designs received and the judging was a close affair. Did your favourite tweed make our final cut? Learn more about our runners up here.


Ben M Naylor Runner Up

   Yorkshireman Ben is obsessed with all things Huntsman, which for him is “The pinnacle of sartorialism.” "My tweed design represents the Yorkshire moors - a place where my partner and I love to spend time hiking and, well, have a beer in the local pubs! The Grey base, representing the inevitable, but not unwelcome, fog. The stone walls and paths leading the way, furnished with ram skulls as a reminder of Yorkshire’s livestock. It reminds me of the steam coming from the old trains as they make their way through the picturesque landscape. The Dark blue over check serves as a reminder of the beautiful coasts such as Robin Hood’s Bay and Whitby, but also of the marvelous inland rivers. The lighter blue is clear sky during wintertime, just after the sun has set. It glows up the frosty ground which sits neatly on the lush green heathland plants like Juniper, dwarf cornel, bog rosemary, and cloudberry, which are present year-round. The tweed can be a camouflage coat through the day but in the evening a reminder of the moors’ beautiful landscape. Particularly as when the boots come off, the slippers go on and I can most certainly be found sitting by the wood fire of an old pub after a shoot, enjoying homemade dishes made with local produce."

Marooshah Ebad Runner Up

    Fashion Student Marooshah has a special interest in tailoring and menswear and has long been a Savile Row enthusiast. "I came across Huntsman Instagram page and I fell in love with the fabrics and techniques you use to construct your garments, not to forget the amazing interior of the store. I have followed Huntsman Instagram page ever since. For my tweed design, my love of experimenting with colours was how I came up with the colour combination. After analyzing the design, I realised I needed at least six colours for the three different types of patterns that made up the design. I knew I wanted to incorporate a dark burgundy with a cooler and a neutral colour. So I tried to pair burgundy, blue and light mauve together and a lighter shade of these three colours; a play on two primary colours with a neutral colour. Once I had my six colours, I selected a lighter colour with a darker one for each design.

Erwan G Harrison Runner Up

    With the onset of Lockdown Product Design student, Erwan found himself with nothing to do, until he discovered the Huntsman Tweed Competition. It proved the perfect outlet for him to experiment with design and colour pallets for his final tweed. "My inspiration for this was the summer that we might be able to enjoy once/if quarantine ever ends. I wanted light tones for this as most tweed is normally darker and more conservative. I also wanted to play around with the spacing of the different colours as opposed to how regular some of the other tweeds I designed."