Huntsman x Daniel W. Fletcher: A Second Phase In The Collaboration

Huntsman is excited to announce the second phase in our collaboration with renowned British fashion designer Daniel W. Fletcher. 

In June of 2023, Huntsman partnered with Fletcher to co-create nine bespoke looks featured as part of his Autumn-Winter 2023 collection, which debuted at London Fashion Week and is available by bespoke commission from Huntsman. Now, Daniel W. Fletcher has launched a capsule collection of ten limited edition ready-to-wear garments inspired by the archives of both houses.

These garments are a contemporary reimagining of heritage British style and are nuanced with the themes of bespoke tailoring. The collection is a careful look to craft, to Britain’s history of making with precision and integrity, emphasising a forever future-facing drive. The craftsmanship of Huntsman’s practice has been key to this collaboration, with Fletcher’s designs incorporating the basting stitching to highlight the unique precision of the making of a Savile Row suit. Britain’s sartorial legacy is further honoured; each piece has been made in the United Kingdom.



For Fletcher, this partnership with Huntsman and its cutters, tailors and craftspeople has been an educational, informative endeavour that he anticipates will shape his design hand for the rest of his career.

“To work with Huntsman in such a way that has been so much about detail and craft is a real honour. I know that being able to observe and take note of the way that Campbell and the team on Savile Row work will inform how I go on to design for the rest of my career,” Fletcher says. “Building from the collaboration, I wanted to show the best of what we do here in the UK, the craft behind creating these collections and the heritage of British fashion.”


The Ready To Wear DANIEL w. FLETCHER x HUNTSMAN collection is available exclusively at