Huntsman x GULF: An Exclusive Tweed

In a  collaboration that blends automotive heritage with sartorial excellence, Huntsman and Gulf partnered on a unique and visually striking project. This collaboration celebrates the artistry of bespoke tailoring and showcases the power of individuality through the creation of an exclusive tweed design, which was used to create a luxurious silk car cover and a signature Huntsman jacket worn by the Gulf CEO.

The silk car cover on display.

The bespoke tweed was designed exclusively for Gulf and incorporates their vibrant brand colours in a bright and punchy pattern. The cloth captures the spirit of automotive racing and the brand's rich heritage, resulting in a design that truly embodies the collaboration.

Gulf C.E.O. Mike Jones in his bespoke tweed jacket.


Gulf C.E.O Mike Jones wearing his bespoke tweed jacket

One of our esteemed tailors working on the silk car cover in the Huntsman x GULF tweed

Taking the bespoke design to new heights, Huntsman transformed the fabric into a luxurious silk-printed car cover. Huntsman’s expert team of cutters and tailors meticulously crafted the cover ensuring that every stitch and detail met the brand's exacting standards, just as you’d find in any one of our bespoke commissions. One of our most ambitious projects to date, the car cover encompassed the entire clubroom and took hours of careful handwork to ensure the drape and proportions were perfect. The cover was designed not only to serve as a functional and protective shield but also acted as the canvas to unveil the new Gulf Fan Livery as part of the GulfxWilliams collaboration, in a thrilling launch event hosted at the OWO hotel in London. 

Gulf C.E.O Mike Jones
Gulf C.E.O. Mike Jones wearing his bespoke tweed jacket at the launch event hosted at the OWO hotel 

The Gulf project demonstrates the power of bespoke tailoring and the ability to bring together different industries and talents to create something truly extraordinary. By merging automotive passion with sartorial excellence, the project showcases the endless possibilities of collaboration and the ability to transform traditional craftsmanship into innovative works of art;  a fusion of craftsmanship, luxury, and individuality.