Huntsman X Rake Jacket


Huntsman’s House Tweed Hacking Jacket - a piece that has long been a must-have for country weekends - has been lent a glamorous, urban twist, thanks to our collaboration with men’s style journal The Rake. Launching November 2 at The Rake’s online boutique, the jacket has been designed by our creative director Campbell Carey, together with The Rake. The silhouette takes its cues from “the halcyon era of the 70’s,” Wei Koh, Founder of The Rake says. Its design conjures up the distinctive style of the decade’s playboys, among them Serge Gainsbourg, Warren Beatty, and Gunter Sachs, with the jacket a piece those icons might have worn when carousing around the clubs of Paris, New York, and London. Huntsman-X-Rake-Jacket-Image2Huntsman-X-Rake-Jacket-Image1 Thus, having taken inspiration from the mood of the decade, the shape of The Rake jacket is that of “a Huntsman jacket on steroids,” Carey says, as the breadth of the shoulders, the flare of the skirt, and the line of the waist are all slightly exaggerated. Still, Carey adds, the design’s hand construction means it’s soft and easy to wear, even while the silhouette makes a sculptural statement.

Carey describes the fabric as a “nocturnal tweed,” that evokes “the colours of twilight"

The fabric, meanwhile, is another intriguing element of the jacket’s design. The piece is fashioned in a bespoke tweed, made at the Islay Woolen Mill, off the east coast of Scotland. Carey describes the fabric as a “nocturnal tweed,” that evokes “the colours of twilight,” with the pale silver over check on the midnight blue base designed to bring to mind “the luminous stars and the night sky,” Carey says. Huntsman-X-Rake-Jacket-Image3Huntsman-X-Rake-Jacket-Image4 Indeed, as the jacket is designed to be worn by those wanting to cut a sartorial dash in the city rather than as a country piece, the weight of the cloth is lighter and softer to the touch than that of a traditional hacking jacket. And while it’s a piece with an urban heart, the Huntsman for The Rake jacket does nod to its sporting roots. Its collar is stitched with a throatlatch, which allows the lapels to be buttoned over each other – a look worn by The Rake’s team when they rode in The Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, a charity motorbike ride held in London in September. Huntsman-X-Rake-Jacket-Image5Huntsman-X-Rake-Jacket-Image6 As befits such a painstakingly thought out design, The Huntsman for The Rake Hacking Jacket will be produced in a limited edition of just ten, with the bespoke tweed exclusive to The Rake. Be sure to get yours now at