Let Huntsman Help you Celebrate Father's Day

Let Huntsman Help you Celebrate FATHER'S DAY

There is something magical to the father-son relationship. Differing waistlines, varying interests and a generational age gap do so little to dampen the affection, respect and adoration that a father has for his son; and vice versa.

There’s a Jewish proverb that sums it up better than we ever could: ‘When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry’.

‘When a father gives to his son, both laugh; when a son gives to his father, both cry’.

Fathers – all of you – give your eternal support and affection to your son. From the first smile in the cot to the first goal on the pitch a father’s love for his son is unbreakable. And similarly a son’s adoration for his father knows few bounds. The relationship develops from love to friendship; with those tears and laughs; but always with that sweet sensation that is impossible to describe, but that is obvious in any family.

Whether it’s our cutters or clients, coat makers or creative directors, Huntsman itself is a family. Our ethos and outlook has remained unchanged since Henry Huntsman set up shop in 1849. Part of that ethos is our commitment to those we dress; and little gives us greater pleasure than creating beautiful clothes for successive generations.

The Churchill’s are a magnificent example of this – Winston and parents were all clients of Huntsman during the 18th and 19th centuries; whilst some of his grandchildren remain clients today. From the theatre of politics to acting royalty - we were proud to have both Freddie and Edward Fox as clients. Across the pond, Gregory Peck’s children and grandchildren are continuing the Oscar-winner’s love of bespoke, handmade Huntsman suits. We were delighted to interview Anthony and Zack, Gregory son and grandson, who were kind enough to note that Huntsman, like Gregory, ‘strive for excellence, in every stitch’. We hope that this commitment will result in following his grandfather, who was induced to the International Best Dressed Hall of Fame in 1983.

Tailoring might be an art itself, but our extended family includes genuine artists like pop-art founder Ed Ruscha and his son. Indeed, our relationship has even seen a collaboration between us, resulting in the creation of a unique jacket based on his 1987 work ‘Boy Meets Girl’ which was sold in aid of the America Alzheimer’s Association.

The world of business has always been an important part of the Huntsman family. Lapo Elkann, of Fiat fame, was a valued client of ours, whilst his son Gianni Agnelli continues to be dressed by Huntsman, of Fiat fame, aRory Tapner, the CEO of Coutts and father of model Rosy, is dressed by Huntsman, as is his son Freddie who runs the hugely successful London Musical Theatre Orchestra. Equally, the legendary Sir James Goldsmith trusted Huntsman to ensure he looked sharp; which his son Ben continues to do.

Words By Archie Manners