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British Tailor Uses Robot To Make Bespoke Suits For Seoul Guests

Abridged Translation.

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Reporter Chae Moon-seok

Now you can try on a luxury custom suit from London in Seoul without going directly to the UK.

It has been made possible through remote-imaging robots, which this renowned tailor shop in London attempted to overcome the restrictions caused by the coronavirus.

 This is the movie' Kingsman' that was very popular. A high-end tailor shop was used as a secret base.

The actual tailor shop in the background has a history of over 170 years on Savile Row in London, a world-class tailoring street.

In the aftermath of the corona, about a third of the nearby tailor shops were closed, and this tailor-made a big transformation. This is the introduction of a remotely controlled video robot.

Customers' measurements in Seoul can now be checked directly from a laptop video in London, 8,800 kilometers away. In particular, a Seoul robot equipped with a high-resolution camera can be directly controlled by a tailor in the UK, so you can solve your questions.

"What's much more helpful than actually being in the field is that you can take pictures of what you're seeing in the video. So, rather than trying to remember what you saw, you can get a real image there." 

Dario Carnera, Head Cutter

"We had to consider having assistants in the same way that surgeons would operate remotely on an iPad. Since this system can be fully utilized by tailors alone, it is likely that imaging robots will be available after the coronavirus pandemic." 

Taj Phull, Head of Retail

The tailor shop plans to expand its remote tailoring service, currently only available in Korea, to Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, and Singapore in the near future.

Reporter Chae Moon-seok