The House of Hazelwood Estate Cloth

To complement the launch of the Huntsman 175 blend, Head Cutter & Creative Director Campbell Carey has created an exquisite cloth, available exclusively for Huntsman clients.

A Huntsman Exclusive Cloth


Huntsman’s Head Cutter and Creative Director, Campbell Carey undertook a deeply personal journey in the creation of the House of Hazelwood Estate Cloth. As a proud scot and connoisseur of the "water of life" Carey worked to create a cloth that resonates with the heart of his homeland and the intricate art of Hazelwood's whisky making.



 Drawing inspiration from the House of Hazelwood's own captivating surroundings, this tweed echoes the very landscape that cradles the distillery. The hue of the famed Bluehill quarry in Keith, responsible for the granite of the distillery's buildings, creates the body in this cloth's composition. A rich and steadfast foundation, the subtle, complex hues of this rock evoke the enduring strength and depth of Hazelwood’s remarkable heritage.

 At the heart of the design, a barleycorn weave is masterfully employed, a nod to the natural rhythm of barley moving in the breeze. This intricate weave serves as a testament to both the meticulous skill of the weaver and the harmonious relationship between land and libation.



Yet, true to the nuanced complexity of whisky, the Hazelwood cloth unfurls a symphony of accent colours that pay homage to the natural beauty that envelopes the distillery. The regal purple of the heather-strewn moors, the vibrant green of moss and fern that flourish in abundance, and the gentle oatmeal shade drawn from the fields of barley - all play a part in the composition of this design, infusing the cloth with the spirit of the land.

A central overcheck unites the two dominant colours - a reflection of the tones found within the still safe, and speaks to the delicate balance struck between tradition and innovation, craftsmanship and true bespoke artistry. To create the cloth campaign Campbell returned to the source of his inspiration; the Hazelwood estate. Framed by the ancient distillery,  our model cuts a dash, in a a signature one-button sports coat.


The House of Hazelwood cloth is woven with threads of passion, heritage, and longevity, it bears testimony to the meticulous attention to detail, the reverence for nature's beauty, and the cherished heritage of Scottish craftsmanship.This cloth is made from Escorial wool. These noble fibres are distinct from all other natural fibres; with a unique helical crimp within its core structure, performing as a naturally coiled spring. This curly attribute delivers fluidity in the Escorial fabric, making for a lightweight cloth with extraordinary drape and crease resistance, and with a softness that warmth that rivals cashmere. For a customer wearing Escorial, it is an experience of extreme comfort and performance.

This cloth, available now by bespoke commission is part of our new partnership with the House Of Hazelwood, and complements the Huntsman Blend, an exquisite 50 year old scotch blended whisky, available in limited edition. Perfect for connoisseurs, collectors, and the most sartorially discerning whisky drinkers.