The Huntsman & Roxtons Shooting Quiz

The Huntsman & Roxtons Shooting Quiz

To break the boredom of confinement in anticipation of getting back into the field, we invited you test your sporting knowledge with the Huntsman shooting quiz! Now we're pleased to announce our winners and the opportunity for you to check your answers and play with friends and family at home.



Michael Acland

As the winner of the Shooting Quiz, Michael will receive a Huntsman bespoke jacket as his prize.

Huntsman has had the pleasure of making bespoke shooting attire for the most sartorially discerning ladies and gentlemen for 180 years, and we welcome Michael to join our esteemed patrons.

With special thanks to Huntsman friends Elisabeth Louis, Daisy Knatchbull, Sarah Herrmann, Jeremy Herrmann, Alexis de Rosnay, Dominic Griffith, Julian Fellowes, Nick Foulkes and Alessandro Tome, Alexandre and Patrick Mavros who contributed these questions for your amusement off of the fields. 

For all of you still puzzling over the maximum speed of a grouse in flight, or wondering what a 'Dagga Boy' is, we invite you to see the full quiz with correct answers to test your friends and family.

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