The Lord Londonderry Suit: A vintage revival, back in fashion

The Lord Londonderry Suit A vintage revival, back in fashion.


Fashions change, bespoke endures...

Lord Londonderry’s distinct suit was cut in 1977 by famed Huntsman Head Cutter Colin Hammick in a distinct, off white cavalry twill. Despite its age, the suit looks as good now as it did when it was first made at 42 years old! Fashions may change, but the quality of bespoke endures. 

From this original suit, Huntsman now owes its modern-day Londonderry Twill, created in homage to this unique garment.

The birth of our Londonderry Twill cloth came from an unexpected origin when Huntsman’s Chief Archivist Paul Abraham found an original Huntsman suit belonging to Lord Londonderry for sale in a thrift store! Always keen to retrieve pieces for the Huntsman archive, and intrigued to discover if the suit would make a fitting addition to his own extensive wardrobe, Paul purchased the suit to investigate further.

Huntsman’s owner Pierre Lagrange was so taken with the suit that he commissioned his own in the same style, however first would come the challenge of finding the right cloth for the job. Huntsman’s Co-Head Cutter Dario Carnera worked with Holland and Sherry to create a modern version of this vintage revival.

The Londonderry twill is a durable mid-weight cloth, ideal for semi-formal suiting or separates. The structure of the twill weave allows for a flattering, soft drape making this cloth a pleasure to wear.

Huntsman Bespoke is made to last a lifetime, making it an inherently sustainable investment. Clothes to treasure now, and forever.

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