The Savile Row Concours 2024

Luxury motoring collided with the world of tailoring as Savile Row came alive for the third Savile Row Concours. Over the two days, we were delighted to partner with Hagerty to showcase the never-before-seen car and bespoke tailoring collection of the late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts. Highlights included a special panel talk at the Huntsman Club hosted by those who knew him best.

Charlie Watt's 1939 Lagonda LG6 Rapide, one of only six built.

1939 Lagonda LG6 Rapide, one of only six built.

Charlie Watt's Bespoke Collection.

Charlie Watt's Pattern.

A talk hosted by journalist Simon Taylor. The panel featured  guests, including Charlie Watts' biographer Paul Sexton, bassist and bandmate David Green, and his shoemaker and suitmaker, John and Dario Carnera.

Dario and John Carnera, suit maker and shoemaker to Charlie Watts.

Charlie Watts' biography, written by Paul Sexton.

We hosted Michelin-star sushi chef Endo Kazutoshi at the Huntsman Club for an exquisite bespoke private dining experience as a part of our series of Concours celebrations.