"And The Bride Wore Huntsman" Contemporary bridal wear from The Huntswoman Of Tomorrow Collection.


Traditionally, for the bride, finding the perfect wedding dress has been the most significant aspect of her big day. However, as we move towards a more sustainable and conscious future, the idea of choosing a dress that you love, but to wear only once is becoming increasingly outdated and unsustainable. The fashion-forward, contemporary bride knows that besides her bouquet and veil, there is a movement in bridal wear that guarantees sartorial perfection.  
So why not consider our entirely bespoke proposal? An elegant and contemporary alternative: The Huntswoman of Tomorrow Collection.


A Cool, Contemporary Alternative

For those seeking a departure from the traditional white wedding dress, a tailored trouser suit offers a fresh and contemporary alternative. The Huntswoman of Tomorrow collection embraces this modern shift, allowing brides to make a fashion-forward statement, in a bespoke garment that can be transformed time and time again. The jacket exudes confidence, sophistication, and an empowered sense of femininity. It breaks free from convention and encourages individuality while still exuding elegance and grace. With modular accessories and lapels, you can evolve your wedding suit for every iteration, and far into the future. 


The Sustainability Factor

Of course, the concept of purchasing a wedding dress for a single day's use raises questions about sustainability; The environmental impact of producing a garment that serves no purpose beyond a single day is substantial. 
Imagine instead tailoring that you love, and can last well beyond a single wear; bespoke bridal is not only an ecologically responsible choice, but a common sense financial choice too. 


The Huntswoman of Tomorrow Collection: A Versatile Investment

The Huntswoman of Tomorrow collection presents an innovative and elegant alternative to traditional bridal wear. Crafted in beautiful white silk, this bespoke jacket offers unparalleled longevity and versatility. From a single statement jacket, made bespoke to your exacting requirements, you can design any number of lapels and accessories to embellish and elevate your suit.


Transforming from Ceremony to Reception

One of the most significant advantages of the Huntswoman collection is its adaptability. Unlike the conventional wedding dress, a tailored trouser suit can effortlessly transition from the solemnity of the ceremony to the joyous celebration of the reception, from the alter to the after-party and for years to come. The suit can be transformed into an entirely different ensemble, allowing the bride to move (and dance!) without sacrificing style or elegance.


Events for Years to Come

The beauty of the Huntswoman of Tomorrow collection lies in its longevity. Unlike a wedding dress, which often languishes in storage after the big day, this entire collection can be adapted, evolved and worn again and again, long after the wedding. Whereas a gown serves only one function: a walk down the aisle, from anniversaries to formal occasions, the timeless elegance of the Huntswoman of Tomorrow collection ensures that you'll continue to enjoy it for years to come! By investing in versatile, bespoke attire, you maximise its value and effortlessly incorporate it into your post-wedding wardrobe.


The Art of Bespoke; Customisation and Individuality

As a bespoke garment, The Huntswoman collection offers the opportunity for full customisation, and a level of personalisation, far greater than that found in a traditional wedding dress. Your suit is tailored to your exact measurements and preferences and will fit and feel as comfortable as a second skin. Our skilled tailors can create a garment that reflects their unique style, personality, and vision for their special day. This bespoke approach fosters a deep sense of connection and ownership over the garment, making it a cherished and personal keepsake, and one you’ll love to wear again and again. 


Confidence and Empowerment

A bride deserves to feel her best on her wedding day, and confidence plays a vital role in achieving that. While a wedding gown exudes elegance, a tailored trouser suit adds an extra layer of empowerment. The sharp lines, impeccable tailoring, and strong silhouette of a suit convey a sense of authority and self-assurance. Stepping away from the traditional gown and opting for a suit allows a bride to fully embrace her individuality and celebrate her unique style with poise and confidence.


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