Huntsman Bespoke: Made to Last A Lifetime

Discover the inherent sustainability of Huntsman bespoke tailoring

Huntsman has long been a vanguard of sustainable practice, the very nature of bespoke tailoring means that garments are produced not only to last a lifetime but several lifetimes. It’s not uncommon to find a Huntsman garment passed across generations; from fathers to sons and even further. The beauty of bespoke garments is that they are produced on-demand, as opposed to the wastage of mass production.

The very nature of bespoke means that our team of cutters and tailors possess incomparable levels of craftsmanship, handed down from one generation to the next. Our bespoke garments – from classic single- or double-breasted suits and shooting jackets, to dresswear or more complex pieces – are pieces without comparison. The level of skill and quality of materials in a bespoke garment means that you will find over time your new commission will become a firm favourite, and eventually an old faithful garment you will enjoy wearing time and time again. 

It's a sartorial phenomenon which is quite unlike anything experienced in the throwaway world of fast fashion, as Huntsman's Creative Director Campbell Carey explains:

“In today’s world of tight deadlines and squeezed margins, this offering is the exact antithesis of fast fashion and is in fact rarely reproduced. From yarn to cloth and 2D pattern to 3D garment we pride ourselves in this being the ultimate bespoke experience.”

- Campbell Carey, Huntsman’s Creative Director

Perhaps it’s a favourite flannel suit, a tweed you want to hand down through generations, or a signature overcoat with a custom lining. With Huntsman, your bespoke legacy is one to last lifetimes.

This is why bespoke tailoring, has at its heart, always been inherently sustainable; good for you and good for helping reduce your ecological footprint. Last year, as we reached 100 years on Savile Row, we looked at more ways to enhance our service, for an even more elevated, more sustainable experience.

Introducing the alteration and repair services for inherited garments

With every bespoke commission, you are guaranteed that the level of craftsmanship and skill means you are getting a garment that is designed to outwear you, the suits that you cherish are likely to become favourites of your children and grandchildren and so, Huntsman is now proud to offer a service for clients who have inherited a Huntsman suit or jacket from a loved one. You are invited to bring the garment in store for an appraisal with a Huntsman tailor to assess the work required to reimagine your garment.

It might be replacing a button or two, it might be a few nips, tucks or tidying the hem, or it might be a complete re-invention. Now you can be sure that as much as it is our pleasure to look after you as an esteemed customer, so it is our pleasure to look after your family for generations to come- a true testament to your bespoke legacy.

It’s true that all here at Huntsman are delighted to welcome a new generation to appreciate the art and joy of a bespoke fitted garment. Unearth your old Huntsman garments and bring them to 11 Savile Row where you will enjoy the bespoke fitting experience, revive your relatives’ pieces and create new looks.

The Earl of Cawdor originally had his riding coat made by Huntsman in 1924, returned to Huntsman upon inheritance by his children, under the careful repair and restoration from our expert team of cutters and tailors, today the same coat is enjoyed by his grandchildren and looks just as dashing as it did almost 100 years ago!

Book an appointment to begin your own bespoke legacy with Huntsman and invest in something to cherish forever.